Spite Fuxxx Liiive In The Streets

by | May 28, 2021 | Shows | 0 comments

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Spite Fuxxx recently took to the streets of Bushwick to celebrate their singer MG’s birthday with not one, but two sets of noisy synth punk mayhem that had the of fans and friends thrilled and the normie brunch crowd walking by periodically thoroughly confused.


Bewildered normies aside, it was a killer day, with both sets packing a much needed kick in the pants. Live music is still existing in somewhat a state of limbo, as it remains unclear on exactly what is happening with venues, particularly the smaller venues that host local and DIY bands- some are opening up and booking again, easing back into things, though many are not yet. But as always, this culture is resilient and DIY is finding ways to still exist with many shows taking the form of pop up events in the street or on rooftops, with livestreams still happening as well.


While the bills have tended to be truncated with only one or two bands playing, it is a welcome reprieve from the many months of nothing (or almost nothing) in the way of live music. The day was perfect for an outdoor show, sunny and warm but not quite the full heat of summer weather yet. Even seeing the same set performed twice, I was enthralled and loved every minute. Complete with a clown dildo ring toss contest to kick things off and a pickup truck serving as part of the stage, this show was EXACTLY what I needed to shake off not only the last dregs of my winter mood, but a lot of the emptiness of the past year. They say punk rock will do that for you!


Spite Fuxxx just released a 7inch (the tracks are also available on Bandcamp) and will be recording a full length at some point this year as well. They also have more gigs booked and they will play one of the first indoor nights back on the rooftop at Our Wicked Lady coming up on 5/30 (all attendees are required to be vaccinated) along with Flasyd, for the return of the Sunday Soul Scream party hosted by Jonathan Toubin.


Scroll down for pics of the show