Winter Wolf- Unwell

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Reviews

Winter Wolf Unwell (art by Naji Thomas)


When I think of the most exciting bands currently going in NYC, who consistently put on high energy and engaging performances, Winter Wolf is always one of the very first to come to mind. I love going to their shows and I’ve watched them (and played with them) for the last few years from their earlier duo lineup to the current trio of bassist/vocalist Jey Winters, vocalist Tony $ixx, and drummer Nate Harris and have seen them grow into a dynamic, powerhouse of a band.


I’ve also long been waiting for them to release new music and was absolutely thrilled the day I got to listen to Unwell, their blistering four song EP which is also their first recording as a trio. The band had this to say about the record: “This EP represents everyone who’s felt the effects of 2020 and life overall. The hardships, pain, and trauma have made us all unwell. However we’ve survived and become more vital than ever, this is our time to celebrate those victories while continuing to face new challenges with pride.”


Winterwolf peforming

Winter Wolf performing (photo by Kate Hoos)


The EP is intense and though short, it packs one hell of a punch with hard, heavy riffs and rock solid drumming from start to finish. The lead single “Blue Lights,” features huge bass and drums driving the song, accompanied with perfectly matched dual vocals from $ixx, providing the high falsetto, and Winters serving up the full low end with intense growls to match his killer riffs. A sharp condemnation to cops and police violence, they mince no words when they yell FUCK YOUR BLUE LIGHTS! “Eye of the Wolf” starts off a classic punk romper—a really fun sing along in the live setting and the perfect song to blast while cruising on a skateboard or flying down the highway with the windows down—and then wraps up with a feverish, fist pumping breakdown.


Winter Wolf “Blue Lights”


Surprising was the addition of guitar, also played by Winters, which is not something they have used in their live performances before, sticking to the bass/drums/vocals instrumentation. It really thickened up their sound and added a nice depth to the songs; this is most apparent on “Creep,” which has a lot of elements layered together for their most complex offering to date. The song also features some of Harris’ best drumming on the record and some really nice interplay vocally from Winters and $ixx. On the addition of guitar, Harris told me that it’s something they may consider for future releases, but they don’t plan to add it to their live show as of right now. Either way, the band sounds great with it, but they also sound just as good and can easily command the stage without it too.


Winterwolf performing

Winter Wolf performing (photo by Kate Hoos)


The only real downside I can point to is that the EP is so short, but it is a really nice document of where the band has been and I think a nice preview of where they are heading. My hankering for a full length has only increased and I’m hopeful that is coming around the corner very soon.


Unwell is out now via Academic Punk Records and available on all major streaming platforms. Follow the band on Instagram to keep up with their future shows.



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