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Hello! Here we are with some bite sized goodies and a taste of some new things that we dug this week, quick fire responses to some great new music we think you should check out. This week Kate and Nick weighed in on some killer songs, so give em a listen! Stay tuned as more of the FTA staff will be rotating in to give their thoughts on new music in the coming weeks.


As always, if you’re in a band or from a label, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know about you! If we dig ya, you’ll get a nod in the column. Read on to find out what we dug the last week or so:


AutomaticAutomaton. The synthy indie trio released their latest album, Excess, back in June and now have released a new video for the hypnotic “Automaton,” a song critical about the evils of capitalism and the ways we feed into it. The video features gripping, stencil-like animation by Yana Pan & Jenny Nirgends and sees the automaton protagonist in a nightmare reality aka our actual current reality. Along with the video the band has announced a tour which will hit Brooklyn on 10/14 at Market Hotel. [KH]


Big GirlSummer Sickness. According to their Spotify, Big Girl is a “New York project conceived by vocalist and guitarist Kaitlin Pelkey,” and  “A Queer-fronted, vivid, and ambitious rock band.” This was my very first time hearing them and I immediately felt transported to what it must have been like in a 1970s arena rock show. Like a Zeppelin anthem, this starts out subdued and acoustic before a sexy guitar lead kicks in and starts to amp the song up. Before you know it, the drums are massive, the riffs are giant, and the song has surrounded you. Vivid and ambitious indeed, this is the first single from the band’s upcoming album Big Girl vs. God due out in early 2023 and is accompanied by beautiful concept video produced and directed by Josefine Cardoni. (See pics from one of their recent shows in Brooklyn.)  [KH]



The BethsKnees Deep. The third single from the upcoming album, Expert In A Dying Field, “Knees Deep” is all about taking risks. Singer Liz Stokes says “I’m the kind of person who wants to go swimming but takes like 10 minutes to get all the way into the cold water, slowly and painfully. I hate this about myself and am kind of envious of people who can just jump straight in the deep end. In a shocking twist, this is also a metaphor?! For how I wish I was the kind of person who was brave and decisive instead of cautious and scared.” And take risks the band does in the video that accompanies the song, each member realllllly going for it by going bungee jumping. They are currently on tour in the US (check out pics from their recent stop at BRIC) and along with the song and video, they also announced more tour dates in the US for 2023. Expert In A Dying Field is out via Carpark Records on 9/16 with the tour hitting NYC at Brooklyn Steel 3/2/2023. [KH]



The ChatsI’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane. The booze loving snot noses from Down Under have a brand new record out today, Get Fucked, and this is another bratty Ramones inspired ode to—you guessed it—beer and being wasted. Not exactly new territory for them musically or lyrically but does it really need to be? Goddamn if these songs aren’t a hell of a lot of fucking fun to shout and pogo along to. [KH] 



Deep WimpPlume. Take a little bit power pop, add in little bit more indie alt rock, sprinkle a on dash of Midwest Emo and you’ve got the recipe for “Plume,” the latest offering from Brooklyn band, Deep Wimp. The band says about the song: ”This song is mostly about recognizing the quiet comforts in your life. Navigating social situations is still challenging sometimes (even for us in our 30s), and you occasionally have to remove yourself from them and focus on the joy you already have at home, whether that’s a partner, a pet, or a pair of Star Wars sweatpants.” I can definitely get behind finding the joy in life and you can find this catchy song on all major streaming platforms. [KH]



GunMark of the Beast Mode. The latest from the NYC noise punks, this song gives some big 90s vibes and is mostly structured around a grunge rock riff with snarling vocals to match and an underlying synth line complimenting the two harder elements. Then totally out of left field at 1:12min in, the unexpected happens and the song veers into an Amen Break (yes, I did in fact just say THE AMEN BREAK) interlude for a few measures reminiscent of the electro rock of bands like The Prodigy, before picking the grunge back up, hitting a quick hardcore floor punching breakdown, then back to the grunge. But instead of giving me whiplash with these wild genre/feel changes from bar to bar, somehow it all just works and makes for a fun and catchy song that would have done just fine in 1993 but also feels totally of the here and now. [KH]



Hunx & his PunxWhite Lipstick b/w Losing My Mind. This new double single is part of the Sub Pop singles club and is the first release from the band since 2013’s Street Punk. Both songs feature the signature bubblegum girl group inspired easy going brand of punk the band is known for and both are fun summertime bops perfect for cruising on your bike to the beach. “White Lipstick” also comes with a video that looks like it was shot with a 1980s camcorder, an excellent pairing as far as I’m concerned. [KH]



Konjur CollectiveGeorge Jackson. The inaugural release on cow: Music (an imprint of the terrific Astral Spirits label), this lead cut from the forthcoming Blood in My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide) brings a different sonic palette to the free jazz realm. Loops and synth noise join the usual maelstrom of crashing drums and skronky brass, creating a swirl and depth of sound that is absolutely infectious. Snippets of improvised melody are looped, offering the occasional hook within the cacophony. Named for the Field Marshall of the Black Panthers, this tune is full of beauty, rage, uplifting spirit, and exuberant joy. [ND]


LAPêCHEMermaid Blues. This is the latest from the Brooklyn indie rockers, a catchy stand alone single, which the band says “expands and contracts around the experience of heavy seasonal depression,” continuing “hope is an imperfect skill that may guide you out.” While the subject matter may be bleak, musically the song features effervescent guitars, dreamy vocals from singer Krista Diem, and is filled with big hooks and dare I say, brushes just at the edge of power pop? Maybe that’s just my take but I can definitely hear the influence here and it sounds great. While this song is not part of a full album, the band is in fact at work on a new record, collaborating with producer Alex Newport (Death Cab for Cutie, At the Drive-In) and that is definitely something to be hopeful for. [KH]



Meat WaveWhat Would You Like Me To Do? The latest from the Chicago indie punks, this is a driving fast with the windows down, fist pounding on the wheel affair, no time to wait around, get in and let’s go! As with all things Meat Wave, I love the driving bass, love the drumming, love the guitar work and love the way they all perfectly meld together for a sound that is uniquely them with singer/guitarist Chris Sutter’s anxious yells over top. This is the first official single from their just announced upcoming album Malign Hex due out 10/14 on Swami Records after two stand alone singles were released earlier this year (that will in fact appear on the album as well). If this is a taste of how the rest of it will go then I’m very ready for more. [KH]



Psalm One X Custom MadeShadow Work. Psalm One has been busy! She recently put out a book, Her Word is Bond, detailing her triumphs and travails as a woman in hip-hop (also get hip to the #BoycottRhymesayers movement she is leading against her former label, Rhymesayers), and now has a new collaboration album with Custom Made called Bigg Perrm due out on Filthē Analects Record Company Sept. 2. Lead single, “Shadow Work,” is part confessional, part manifesto. Psalm One raps openly about her personal shortcomings and her determination to keep improving and thriving: “I am a reformed fuckgirl/I mean it/If that shit don’t line up with my purpose/then I leave it/Had to see my inner demons just to get a little peace.” Custom Made creates an uncluttered groove for Psalm to flow, mixing up her rhythms and cadences and peppering in unexpected hooks. Very stoked for this record to come out! [ND]


Thus LoveIn Tandem. A gothy, lustrous offering from this Vermont based queer post punk outfit, it’s hard not to be reminded of a more upbeat Bauhaus here. But that’s certainly not a bad thing because I love Bauhaus. I really like the interplay of the drums with the bass, both driving the song as the guitar shimmers over top. This is the second single from their upcoming album Memorial, due out on 10/7 via Captured Tracks. See pics from their recent show at The Sultan Room. [KH]



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