Weekly Show Listing 8/1-8/7/22

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Looking for a good show in NYC? Well here you go! We’ve got a nice big list of what is going on this week, shows that we are excited about and want you to know about too, with plenty of live music from the local scene and national acts at bigger venues to choose from. This list is brought to you by our EIC Hoos along with our indefatigable live correspondent, Mike Borchardt (of the band Nihiloceros) who is in touch with the local Brooklyn/etc scene like no other. And we’ve got a sprinkling of live photos to get you in the mood for your show of choice too. Check back every Monday for updated listings on what is good for the week to come!


At Arms Reach, The Upstart Crows, Theo & the London Outfit, Pleasur3 | 8pm | Gold Sounds

The Tarrys, Maybe End, Apollo Flowerchild | 9pm | Mercury Lounge


girl in red, Blu De Tiger, binki | 6pm | Pier 17

Joudy, InCircles, Diary, Semi Auto | 6:30pm | Berlin 

School Drugs, No Man, Faim, Non Residents | 7pm | Saint Vitus

Gal Fieri, Roni, Reggie Pearl, Her Dark Heaven | 8pm | Our Wicked Lady

PJ LaMariana Band | 8:30 | The Bitter End

girl in red at Brooklyn Steel

girl in red (photo by Kate Hoos)

Joudy (photo by Kate Hoos)

Non Residents performing

Non Residents (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gal Fieri performing

Gal Fieri (photo by Kate Hoos)

Roni (photo by Kate Hoos)



The Big Easy, Well Wisher, Sharkswimmer, Hypemom | 7pm | Knitting Factory

The Avengers, Les Sans Culottes, Nervous Triggers | 7pm | Saint Vitus



TV Moms, Sunchoke, Persons, Pope Francis | 6:30pm | Arlene’s Grocery

Freezing Cold, LAPÊCHE, Miracle Sweepstakes, Rigby Picnic | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady

DD Island, Nara’s Room, Doree, Michael Karson | 7pm | Purgatory

CS Cleaners, Gorgeous, Cult of Chunk, Pons | 7pm | Trans Pecos

Daddy Long Legs, Beechwood, Jeremy & the Harlequins | 7pm | Berlin

Freaky Wilderness, Bikini Carwash, The Wig Outs | 7:30pm | Otto’s Shrunken Head

The Senior Year, Tenderheart Bitches, Low Presh | 8pm | The Broadway

LAPECHE performing

LAPÊCHE (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gorgeous (photo by Kate Hoos)

Pons performing

Pons (photo by Kevin McGann)

The Senior Year performing

The Senior Year (photo by Kate Hoos)

Tenderheart Bitches (photo by Kate Hoos)



Jo Mercado, Sallies, Motel Portrait, Cop/Out, Raddigan Brothers Noise Experiment | 7pm | The Nest

Tilden, Carinae, Arverne, Ania Hoo, DJ Jonathan Toubin | 7:30pm | TV Eye

Answering Machine, Good Looking Friends (solo), Stepneck, Vi Viana, Ugli | 7pm | Bar Freda

CT Hustle and the Muscle, Rock MTN Roller, Limousine Beach, Tits Dick Ass | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady

Erykah Badu, Phony Ppl | 7pm | Prospect Park Bandshell

Sasquatch, Hippie Death Cult | 7pm | Saint Vitus

Grave Bathers (album release), Castle Rat, Batsbatsbatsghostghostghost | 8pm | secret venue (DM for Address)

Chic Fads, Kate Slauter, Ken Mujo, Screwbawl, Dogman | 7pm | Catfarm (DM for address)

Jo Mercado performing

Jo Mercado (photo by Eamon McMullen)

Raddigan Brothers (photo by Kate Hoos)

Motel Portrait performing

Motel Portrait (photo by Kate Hoos)

Tilden performing

Tilden (photo by Kate Hoos)




Urban Waste, The Path, Nihilistics, Neighborhood Shit, Bitch Switch, Winter Wolf, Caught In A Trap | 2pm | Tompkins Square Park

Bands do BK Book event w/ Sam Sumpter, Slight Of, Olivia K, Ok Cowgirl | 3pm | Macon Public Library

Mephiskapheles, Early Riser, Cold Wrecks, Paths 2 Glory, No Call No Show | 4pm | Coney Island Brewing

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Razor Braids, Dropper | 7pm | Music Hall of Williamsburg

Grace X Church, Corner Store, Andrew Pichardo | 7pm | Berlin

Beach Bunny, Sidney Gish, Ky Vöss | 8pm | Brooklyn Steel

Living Things, Once Ibex, Changing Modes, Roman Sky | 8pm | Connolly’s Pub

Winterwolf performing

Winter Wolf (photo by Kate Hoos)

OK Cowgirl performing

Ok Cowgirl (photo by Ray Rusinak)

Dropper performing

Dropper (photo by Kate Hoos)

Razor Braids (photo by Kate Hoos)

Grace X Church performing

Grace X Church (photo by Kevin McGann)



Great Lakes, Pale Lights, Lester Luster & the Molasses Disaster, Haza Moon, Pickled Onion | 12pm | 18th Ward

Sweetbreads, The Road to Ruin, Clover’s Curfew, Charlie Arbie | 5:30pm | Project Parlor

Margaret Glaspy, Katy Kirby, Lola Kirke, Adi Oasis (DJ set) Sadie Dupius (DJ set) | 7pm | Baby’s All Right

Natural Born Kissers, Julesy, Maiya Blaney | 7pm | Purgatory 

Bat House, Thus Love, Flossing | 7pm | Sultan Room

Gorgeous, Salamander, 13 Necklace, Uncle Skunk | 7:30pm | The Nest

Seeing Double, The Darling Suns, Drug Couple | 8pm | Mercury Lounge

Beach Bunny, Sidney Gish, Ky Vöss | 8pm | Brooklyn Steel

Jonathan Toubin’s  Sunday Soul Scream w/ The Trash Bags, On All Fours | 8pm | Our Wicked Lady

Sweetbreads performing

Sweetbreads (photo by Kate Hoos)

Katy Kirby (photo by Ray Rusinak)

Natural Born Kissers performing

Natural Born Kissers (photo by Riss Williams)

Gorgeous (photo by Kate Hoos)


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