The Antibuddies- that’s what i said

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Reviews

The Antibuddies that’s what I said (art by Scott Thomas Christie & Emily Hanson)


On September 28, 2022, Detroit-based band, The Antibuddies, released their third EP titled that’s what i said. Featuring seven songs in just under ten minutes, they cover a lot of ground with fast-paced, catchy songs that further establish them as a staple of feminist punk music with a distinct flavor of heavy 90’s grunge. And while discussing social issues in music is nothing new, The Antibuddies have a uniquely sarcastic and snarky style of political messaging that makes their songs memorable, entertaining, and motivating. Like Dead Kennedys and War on Women (whom they have opened for), this band understands that incorporating a hefty dose of sarcasm can be an effective way of relaying their feelings while still drawing attention to what’s going on in the world. While many of the EP’s tracks are about societal issues such as feminism and upholding radical values, the band also leaves room for songs about pro wrestling (“Hits Like a Grl”), gardening (“Drt”), and cats (“Malcolm”).


On this recording, the band consists of bassist Jenny, guitarist Cale, and drummer Emily (who has since moved to Seattle so the group has a new drummer), with Jenny and Cale lending a balanced mix of higher and lower-pitched vocals which complement each other very well. The songs would still be good if there were only one vocalist, but the dual vocals layered on top of rich instrumentals take the tracks one step further.


The Antibuddies

The Antibuddies— L-R Emily- drums, Jenny- bass/vocals, Cale- guitar/vocals (photo by James Sterling Lees)


Opening the album is “Luv Jail,” an energetic and frantic song that encompasses what it’s like to be in an insular romantic connection. I don’t need to live my life/I don’t need my friends/Let’s get stuck in a cell/We’re in love jail–they can go to hell” sings Jenny halfway through the track, making it clear that she feels just fine being in “luv jail.” While this is the only song on the album that explicitly addresses the topic of romantic love, the song’s placement as the opener in relation to the closing track, “Malcolm,” is rather poetic since the record opens with a track about being caught up in a relationship and ends with a song about preventing a beloved cat from wanting to escape, perhaps signifying a larger theme of protecting what we love through containment.


“Malcolm” was written about drummer Emily’s cat, who—according to the band—”is a special boy who liked to run out of the house at every practice. He’s also the cat on the cover art of the EP. We love him.” His song is only a minute long and features lyrics directed right to him as he plots his escape from a warm and cozy home in the Midwest. “Malcolm no/Stay inside/Malcolm no/Don’t go outside/You stay inside cause there’s too many cars/You can’t go outside cause it’s too damn cold/You can’t go outside cause I FUCKING LOVE YOUUUUU” sings mostly Cale with Jenny joining in at the very end.



In “Drunk Bro”, the band’s brand of snarky commentary comes across loud and clear. The song is about a guy who’s had too much to drink at a show and is ruining the night for everyone around him, with Jenny and Cale singing switching off throughout the song. “Drunk bro, heavy limbs swinging to and fro/Kicked my glasses right off my face/Drunk bro, smacked five women in a row/Are you trying to ruin this space?” According to their press release, the band has stated that the song is “Based on a real life experience probably everyone has had. Alcohol culture is a plague. Have a good time but know your limits and treat others with respect.”


In that’s what i said, The Antibuddies have continued to establish themselves as an important punk band, especially in a scene where femme-centered music can easily be overlooked and/or dismissed. Fans of War on Women, Dead Kennedys, and early 90’s grunge outfits will certainly appreciate this band and we look forward to seeing what’s next for them! 



that’s what i said is out now via Bandcamp and is available on all major streaming platforms. Find The Antibuddies on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.




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