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by | Dec 2, 2022 | Reviews


Hi! Hello! Here we are with some bite sized goodies and a taste of a some new things that we dug that came out in the last week(ish), quick fire responses to some great new music we think you should check out. This week Chantal, Kate and Mike weighed in on some killer songs— give ’em a listen!


And though we can’t possibly cover all the music that is released each week (we wish!), we do get to as many songs as we can. As always, if you’re in a band or from a label, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know about you! If we dig ya, you’ll get a nod in the column. Read on to find out what we dug the last week or so and check back every Friday for more:


Atsuko ChibaLink. The latest track from this Montreal band is pounding, psychy (and a bit mathy in some of the guitar work) and bass driven. The accompanying video is trippy and fascinating, but best avoided if you have an insect phobia. Their new album Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing is out on Jan 20 via Mothland. [CW]


Bad Bad HatsSuper America. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut EP, It Hurts, the indie greats are re-issuing the EP in full (and remastered) along with demo versions of all five songs. It will also be the first time these songs are available on vinyl. Check out the brand new animated video for “Super America”  for a fix of some sweet indie pop gold. [KH]


Bass Drum of DeathHead Change. The third single from Say I Won’t, the upcoming album from the long running garage trio and this one is a mid tempo rocker, dialed back from some of their early fervent work but keeping in line with the refinement in production and style we’ve heard from the first two singles “Say Your Prayers,” and “Find It.” I’ve loved getting to know a newer side of the band and the growth as much as I love their early work, so I’m very ready to find out what the rest of the record has in store. The full album drops 1/27/23 via Fat Possum. [KH]


Brian Jonestown MassacreFudge. The psych greats have just announced their 20h album The Future Is Your Past (2/10/23 A Recordings), and so far have released two singles, the title track and the latest, “Fudge,” which sees the band in familiar swirly psych territory, layers of guitars weaving together. [KH]


Jess Kallen– A Garden Bed of Thistle Weeds. This country-tinged indie rock song uses layers of guitars to carry Kallen’s voice along with ease, and then opens up into a louder mode—just briefly, before hitting a lovely subdued end. Their debut album isn’t planned until 2023 (via New Professor), but this is a great preview. [CW]


Jigsaw YouthSkin. With walls of fuzz and a full distortion onslaught, the Staten Island trio pulls the heaviest of right hooks on that pay-off southpaw chorus. Ducking between belly growls and guttural screams, at one point Nastacha Beck’s guitar goes full on crunch-metal while Maria Alvarez (bass/vocals) and Alex Dmytrow (drums) bring down the thunder on rhythm. I’ve been a huge fan of this band since first catching them play a Brooklyn basement back in 2017—this is the hugest they’ve ever sounded, and I’m here for it. Catch them opening for Sasami on 12/12 at Baby’s All Right. [MB]


Los BitchosLos Chrismos. This cheeky UK based foursome recently released a holiday themed single and now have added a ridiculous 80s themed music video to enhance the holiday cheer. Read more about it here. [KH]


Mui ZyuRotten Bun. Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu aka mui zyu has announced her debut album Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century (2/24 Father/Daughter) and released the beautiful piano driven title track. Via her Bandcamp:


“As mui zyu, Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu navigates the tricky territory of ever-changing identity, merging fantasy and folklore to create a stage for self-acceptance and deliverance. On her debut full-length Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, Liu utilizes chopped-up soundscapes, delicate industrial ambience and sweet pop melodies to introduce a character––a guide––who can be stretched across worlds to offer the catharsis of patience, perseverance and understanding. This isn’t a character formed from a desire to escape or flee the real world, but rather a way to submerge even deeper into ourselves. Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century is a reflection of everyone, and everything, that made us who we are.” [KH]


The Natural LinesMonotony. The latest from Matt Pond (fka Matt Pond PA) this sees him evolving and building upon his existing body of work. Read more here. [KH]


Nicole DollangangerRunnin’ Free. This single is in fact a reworking of a demo from the Heart Shaped Bed era. The newest version features more layers of Dollanganger’s ethereal voice while piano takes the lead from the guitars. At once more delicate and with a harder pulse, it’s an interesting reworking. Her still untitled album will be out January 6th. [CW]


Omer LeibovitzWide Open Feeling. Another beautifully executed track by the Brooklyn songwriter. It’s that masterful understanding of melody and sound that we’ve come to expect from Leibovitz, only this time leveled up in intensity with a blend of distorted guitars overdriven just to the point where you can hear its broken bits. And lyrically, he once again again make no qualms about exposing his broken bits. [MB]


Sad 13Wrapped. Sadie DuPuis’ annual holiday song is here and this one takes a critical poke at year end lists with a sharply worded look at the culture that has arisen around this now deeply ingrained aspect of the music industry. There are no words minced with the line “If it’s not the list, why’d you bother with listening?” the sarcasm dripping off of each word. And I’m inclined to agree with the sentiment because so much that never makes a major list still matters, very deeply, but gets lost in the shuffle of the popularity contest. It all begs the question, why not just listen to what you love and forget the lists?!


(That being said, FTA does participate in the tradition because it can be fun and I like to check out stuff from smaller outlets because you can find some real gems that way, but we don’t rank our list nor do we present one as an entity or “Best of.” Rather we list ours as a “favorites” with each individual contributor sending their own as a snapshot of what they loved over the year. My personal one will be alphabetical this year to avoid a hierarchy like structure. What can I say? It’s the punk rock in me.) [KH]


Slow FictionTop 10 Movie Scenes. Take 1, take 2. The arty Brooklyn indie rockers drop the first single marked for their upcoming 2023 self-titled EP. This track is pure sweet melancholy to the point you can feel the emotion dripping from every instrument. The bass weeps over the somber heartbeat, giving way for the guitars and vocals to ebb and then soar. Just allow yourself to be swept up, because they’ve got a hold on you anyway. [MB]


Tropical Fuck StormThe Golden Ratio. The art punks from Down Under have just announced a new 12″ and amazingly started beef with Zayn Malik in the process (maybe). Grab your popcorn and read more here. [KH]


Weird NightmareOur Love Will Still Be There (Troggs cover). Alex Edkins’ (Metz) side project, Weird Nightmare, has released a fuzzy power pop version of the 1966 song by The Troggs. The original appears on The Troggs debut album, From Nowhere, the same album that brought us the cool classic “Wild Thing.” Listen to both versions below. [KH]


ZuluFakin’ Tha Funk (You Get Did). The epic LA based powerviolence band has announced their first full length, A New Tomorrow, and released the first single which follows their two previous EPs. At just over a minute long, the song is a heavy crusher and will vibrate your skull through your headphones (in all the best ways). The album arrives 3/3/23 via Flatspot and will feature guest spots from Pierce Jordan (Soul Glo), Paris Roberts (Truth Cult), and Obioma Ugonna (Playtime). They will head out on tour in support of the record with Show Me The Body, the tour hits Brooklyn Steel on 3/24/23. [KH]




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