The Moss- Insomnia

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Reviews

The Moss Insomnia


We were big fans here at FTA of the recent single “Insomnia” from The Moss. This is the kind of music that gets called “summery,” but don’t we deserve this kind of bright, fun, poppy rock year-round? The Moss think so apparently, and are releasing their newest EP, also titled Insomnia, on S-Curve/Hollywood records this month. The video for “Insomnia” features the band playing in a snowy landscape, so maybe we can call this ski-rock.



Singer and guitarist Tyke James and guitarist Addison Sharp originally hail from Oahu; The Moss are now based out of Provo, UT, where they joined forces with bassist Caiden Jackson and drummer Willie Fowler. There is a very open feel to the music on this EP, even while the bass and guitars loop around each other and things are often more complicated than at first listen. The crisp, simple production suits the tone perfectly.


In addition to the title track are three more songs showcasing The Moss’ brand of driving, jangly tunes. “Blink” has delicate parts interspersed with breezy solos and pounding drums, and is a real highlight of the EP for me. “Carousel” is a bit more laid back, shuffling off-beats underpinning James’ soulful country-tinged croon, and feels most in line with their 2021 album Kentucky Derby out of all these songs. “Chaparral” moves through surf, western, and a nostalgic 60’s haze, weaving together what seems like numerous song pieces into a compositional whole. 


The Moss (photo by Shervin Lainez)


The Moss are embarking on a winter tour to promote Insomnia, and take their jobs as performers seriously, with Fowler stating “No matter what we do, we want to make sure the songs are fun to play live. We pride ourselves on being a band people want to see live.” If you are out West you can catch them over the next couple of weeks, and if you aren’t, then this EP will tide you over. You can find The Moss on Youtube, Spotify, and Instagram.




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