Uncle Pizza- Frog Era

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Reviews

Uncle Pizza Frog Era


Originally the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Nicole Harwayne, Uncle Pizza has expanded to a four piece and explored a more band-oriented sound for their new album frog era, recorded in a studio they built in Williamsburg. The band has been gigging in preparation for the release, and I imagine the extended lineup brings a lot of life to these songs.


After an absolutely groovy opening track (“leo corillo beach”) the album moves further into the emo and punk influences claimed by the band. “iowa skyz” is one of these (and I’m tempted to call it Midwest emo because of the title, heh.) There are also fun poppier songs like “owogami fwogs” that put me in mind of Athens bands like Elf Power or Folklore



The theme of the album is change and Harwayne shares: “all the [vocal] samples are interviews we did with people who worked on the album about their relationship with change.” And indeed the vocal samples are the thread that tie the album together.


There’s a lot of emotion in Harwayne’s vocal delivery, especially on tracks like “-___-”  “I hope you don’t see me trying, don’t want to seem like I’m lying.” The emoticon as song title is in line with the playful vibe of much of this record. The record ends with the lovely “summermoth,” joyous chorus of other voices backing up Harwayne’s. 


frog era is out now via Sleepy Clown Records; find the band at their Instagram to keep a lookout for upcoming gigs.




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