Horrible Timing- Late To The Party

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Reviews

Horrible Timing Late To The Party (art by Amber Lewis)


Following their first two singles, Brooklyn’s own Horrible Timing is back with their debut EP, Late To The Party. Billed as “anxious pop punk” the band makes good use of their punk, alternative and emo influences, blending them into a satisfying mix of riffs, bounce, and anthemic vocals, sure to please fans of groups like Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio.


Starting off with a bang is the kinetic lead track “Things Could Be Stranger,” which really highlights the driving guitar sounds of Patrick Saccenti and vocals (and harmonies) of Melissa Licciardello. Bassist Christian Lovrich and drummer Anthony “Smallz” Strano keep things pinned down on the rhythm section.


The previously released single “Inconceivable” is a high point, and according to the group’s Bandcamp is “a song about trying to say “I love you”, with Licciardello getting personal and singing “Just kiss me goodnight and see where this all goes / Don’t throw it all away because I can’t say- / I try my best to bend, but I just can’t break / Give me time, a song, and a line / I’ll let you know that I-“



Producer and engineer Jerry Farley (Sick of It All, Lamb of God, Every Time I Die) has really done a great job with this record, bringing out all the grit of the guitars and fullness of the rhythm section without burying the vocals, letting them fill the space. It’s a slick sound without being overproduced. The energy is high right up until the end on closer “Nothing To Write Home About,” with soaring choruses of ‘woah-oh-oh’s’ that will certainly have crowds singing along at live shows. Their release show will be on March 11th at Young Ethel’s.


You can find Horrible Timing on Bandcamp  and Spotify.



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