Weekly Show Listing 7/17-7/23/23

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Looking for a good show in NYC? Well here you go! We’ve got a nice big list of what is going on this week, shows that we are excited about and want you to know about too, with plenty of live music from the local scene and national acts at bigger venues to choose from. This list is brought to you by our EIC Hoos along with our NYC scene editor, Mike Borchardt (of the band Nihiloceros), who is in touch with the local Brooklyn/etc scene like no other. And we’ve got a sprinkling of live photos to get you in the mood for your show of choice too. Check back every Monday for updated listings on what is good for the week to come!



Lukka, Chanter, Kels, Rabid Tabby | 7pm | Arlene’s Grocery


Di Ivories (EP Release), Powersnap, Leone | 6:30pm | Baby’s All Right 

Lowertown, Catcher | 8pm | Purgatory

Powersnap performing

Powersnap (photo by Kate Hoos)



Julia Jacklin, Y La Bamba, Black Belt Eagle Scout | 5pm | SummerStage 

Brian Ennals + Infinity Knives, Sunshine Convention, Stripes | 6:30pm | Baby’s All Right 

Sharkswimmer (single release), Babyfang, Shadow Monster | 7pm | TV Eye

Tetchy, Sea Miss, Rong, Venus Twins | 7pm | Union Pool

Sharkswimmer performing

Sharkswimmer (photo by Kate Hoos)

Shadow Monster (photo by Kate Hoos)

Venus Twins performing

Venus Twins (photo by Kevin McGann)



Horsegirl, Iceage, Water From Your Eyes, Lifeguard | 5pm | SummerStage

Pom Pom Squad, Mr. He | 6:30pm | Baby’s All Right

A Very Special Episode (record release), Colatura, Ilithios | 7pm | Sultan Room

Sunflower Bean, Gift, Slow Fiction | 9pm | Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls (grand opening)

Horsegirl performing

Horsegirl (photo by Kate Hoos)

AVSE performing

A Very Special Episode (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gift performing

Gift (photo by Kevin McGann)



Dead Tooth, Namesake, Stimmerman, Rat Motel | 6pm | Brooklyn Made

The Shining Hours, The Fictionals, Caitlin Starr, Anna Sun | 6:30pm | Arlene’s Grocery 

Hot Dog (Led Zeppelin Tribute feat. members of Osees, Gustaf, 95 Bulls, Tilden), Stuy, Mamajoevramjoe & TNT | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady

Wild Pink, Foyer Red | 7pm | Baby’s All Right

Crush Fund, Leafing, Gorgeous | 7pm | DM for address 

The Library is on Fire, Lost Boy?, Holy Tunics | 8pm | loft | DM for address 

MX Lonely, Tombstone Poetry, Ringing, Brodeo | 8pm | Gold Sounds

Dead Tooth performing

Dead Tooth (photo by Kate Hoos)

Namesake performing

Namesake (photo by Kate Hoos)

Stuyedeyed performing

Stuy (photo by Kevin McGann)

Gorgeous performing

Gorgeous (photo by Kate Hoos)



Joudy, Papi Shiitake, Scoville Unit, Punt, Le Big Zero | 2pm | Maria Hernandez Park

Nothing, Radio Activity, Godcaster, Loosey, Jobber | 2pm | Roberta’s Pizza 

Zenizen, Wetsuit (single release), Colatura, Sweetbreads | 6pm | Rippers

The Sawtooth Grin, Venus Twins, Thin, Mico, Sunflo’er, Under The Pier, The Sound That Ends Creation, More of Myself to Kill | 7pm | Trans Pecos 

Thelma and The Sleaze, Miranda and The Beat, Skorts | 7pm | Sultan Room

Thick, TVOD, My Son the Doctor, Tits Dick Ass | 8pm | TV Eye 

No Jersey, Big Oil, Shrug Dealer | 8pm | East Williamsburg Econolodge 

Sunday Compost, Leathered, Sean Spada & The Doppelgängers, Patsys | 8pm | Main Drag

Heavy Halo, Punt, Velcro, Deep Fake | 8pm | Hart Bar

T.A.Z. W/ Hysteric Polemix, No Knock, Pure Terror | 11:30pm | The Broadway

Joudy (photo by Kate Hoos)

Papi Shiitake performing

Papi Shiitake (photo by Kate Hoos)

Nothing performing

Nothing (photo by Kate Hoos)

Godcaster performing

Godcaster (photo by Kevin McGann)

Jobber performing

Jobber (photo by Kate Hoos)

Sweetbreads performing

Sweetbreads (photo by Kate Hoos)

Venus Twins performing

Venus Twins (photo by Kate Hoos)

Miranda and The Beat (photo by Kate Hoos)

Thick performing

Thick (photo by Kate Hoos)

TVOD performing

TVOD (photo by Kate Hoos)

My Son The Doctor performing

My Son the Doctor (photo by Kate Hoos)

Tits Dick Ass performing

Tits Dick Ass (photo by Kate Hoos)

Leathered performing

Leathered (photo by Kate Hoos)

Heavy Halo performing

Heavy Halo (photo by Kate Hoos)


Jonathan Toubin Sunday Soul Scream | The Trash Bags, Bad Vacation, Flasyd, Tits Dick Ass, Comatosed, Licks, Wife Knife, Baabes | 3pm | Our Wicked Lady 

Michael Cera Palin, Teenage Halloween, 13th Law, Common Sage, Jane Lai | 6pm | Brooklyn Made

Diary Family, Picture Show, Idaho Green, The Sheer Currents | 6:30pm | Arlene’s Grocery 

Swirlies, Frankie Rose, w0rmh0les, Nothing (DJ Set) | 6:30pm | LPR

Caspian, Defeater, Sainthood Reps, Dreamtigers | 7pm | Saint Vitus

Water Gun, Nara’s Room, Gus Baldwin, Moxie Pocket | 7pm | The Broadway

7 Seconds, Taking Meds, Jivebomb | 7pm | The Meadows

Cherubs, Art Gray Noizz Quintet, A Deer A Horse | 7pm | TV Eye

Flasyd (photo by Kate Hoos)

Tits Dick Ass performing

Tits Dick Ass (photo by Kate Hoos)

Wife Knife performing

Wife Knife (photo by Kate Hoos)

Teenage Halloween performing

Teenage Halloween (photo by Ray Rusinak)

Nara's Room performing

Nara’s Room (photo by Kate Hoos)

Moxie Pocket performing

Moxie Pocket (photo by Kate Hoos)

Art Gray Noizz Quintet performing

Art Gray Noizz Quintet (photo by Kate Hoos)

A Deer A Horse performing

A Deer A Horse (photo by Kate Hoos)




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