Weekly Show Listing 7/31-8/6/23

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Features


Looking for a good show in NYC? Well here you go! We’ve got a nice big list of what is going on this week, shows that we are excited about and want you to know about too, with plenty of live music from the local scene and national acts at bigger venues to choose from. This list is brought to you by our EIC Hoos along with our NYC scene editor, Mike Borchardt (of the band Nihiloceros), who is in touch with the local Brooklyn/etc scene like no other. And we’ve got a sprinkling of live photos to get you in the mood for your show of choice too. Check back every Monday for updated listings on what is good for the week to come!



Fat Trout Trailer Park, Climates, Secret Guest, Ugly Mutts | 7pm | Arlene’s Grocery

Samuel Locke Ward & Bob Bucks Jr, Chris Conde, Brook Pridemore, Preston Spurlock | 7pm | Secret Sphinx Salon | DM for address


Idylwyld, Slumberjack, Sophie65 | 7pm | Mama Tried 

Diceholes, The Midnight Confessional, Quartz Casino | 7pm | Bar Sundown


The Overhead Bins, Orange Peel Mystic | 6:30pm | Baby’s All Right

Mikey Erg, Brook Pridemore, Debbie Dopamine, John Cozz | 7pm | Hart Bar

Fat Trout Trailer Park, The Sheer Currents, Diary, Gun | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady 

Safe Houses, Skeeter de Milo, Free Spirits, Red Hunting Cap | 7pm | Bar Freda

Mikey Erg performing

Mikey Erg (photo by Ray Rusinak)

Debbie Dopamine performing

Debbie Dopamine (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gun performing

Gun (photo by Kate Hoos)


New Myths, HNRY FLWR, Monograms, Pamphlets | 7pm | Brooklyn Made

Francie Moon, T.S. Tadin, Skorts, Sara Devoe | 7pm | Rubulad 

Grim Streaker, P.E. (release), Tiers La Familia | 8pm | The Broadway

Monograms performing

Monograms (photo by Kate Hoos)


Seeing Double, Strawberry Launch, Monarch | 6pm | Mercury Lounge

Pons, Shred Flinstone, Roost World, Programmique | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady

Heaven, Glimmer, Higgs Bison | 7pm | Main Drag

Bruiser and Bicycle, Moon By Moon, Moxie Pocket, Alvin Row | 8pm | Alphaville

Sotvo, Matte Black, Painters, Plight | 8pm | Lucky 13

Tits Dick Ass, Soft Ronnie, Challice | 8:30pm | Footlight Underground at Windjammer

Pons performing

Pons (photo by Kate Hoos)

Moxie Pocket performing

Moxie Pocket (photo by Kate Hoos)

Tits Dick Ass performing

Tits Dick Ass (photo by Kate Hoos)


Clone, Cigarettes for Breakfast, To The Wedding, Gluehead, Aux Blood | 12pm | 18th Ward

Gouge Away, Nine of Swords, Bazooka, Demand | 7pm | Market Hotel 

The Big Easy, Bummer Camp, Uncle Skunk, Gertrude | 7pm | Rubulad

Sleepwell, CS Cleaners, Spectral Outrider, Bug Guts | 8pm | Bootleg Bar

Boon, Trinket, Aisle Knot | 8:30pm | Footlight Underground at Windjammer 

Acid Tongue, 95 Bulls, Boots! | 10:30pm | TV Eye

Clone performing

Clone (photo by Ray Rusinak)

Bummercamp performing

Bummer Camp (photo by Kate Hoos)

95 Bulls performing

95 Bulls (photo by Kate Hoos)


Jonathan Toubin Soul Scream w/ Josephine Network I SECRET BAND | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady

Josephine Network (photo by Jeanette D. Moses)




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