Shiverboard- Hacksaw Morrisette

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Reviews

Shiverboard Hacksaw Morrisette 


Many genres can be used to describe the newest record from NewYork/Long Island band Shiverboardgrindcore, noise, metal—but whatever words you use, there is no doubt that their newest album Hacksaw Morrisette is intense. Over 15 songs the three piece group pummels listeners with frantic guitars and bass by Alec C and James W, who also provides the vocals, and blistering drums by Rob C.


The title track comes roaring in immediately, with violent imagery of severed limbs and blood. As the band explains, “Hacksaw Morissette is an album about severing personal relationships to become fully independent. Using a hacksaw to slice off a romantic relationship gone toxic, or sever yourself from a group of friends you’ve grown out of. ” Indeed, much of the album sounds cathartic as fuck, with James W moving from full throated screaming to more guttural noises as he seemingly exorcises some demons. James even approaches a black metal shriek at times.


Shiverboard performing

Shiverboard performing

Shiverboard performing

Shiverboard live in 2023 (photos by Kate Hoos)


It isn’t nonstop pure brutality, however, with bouncy punk basslines being found on “Drug Test” and droning sludge on “Chainsaw Twins” and “Vitamins of Darkness.” Yet even these songs do return to the uptempo chaos the band is most comfortable in. Album closer “Barracuda Cemeteries” tricks listeners with an almost funky outro, before slamming eardrums one more time. Production on the record is clean and allows for all the distortion to come through while not overpowering the vocals.


The band, who have cultivated a reputation for high energy performances, will be appearing at a number of local shows to promote the new album, including 6/22 at Hart Bar for the Cybergrind Fest. You can keep your eyes on our weekly show listing for more dates.

 Hacksaw Morissette is out now on Wolves Records.


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