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by | Jul 25, 2021 | Random

Street Art- Manhattan, 2018 (artist unknown)


Full Time Aesthetic is a music blog! Yay music blog! I love writing about and featuring music but there are also other things that I’m interested in that are maybe not music, but perhaps more music adjacent… or at least things that music fans would be likely to appreciate. And that being the case, I thought I’d add a section to the blog to feature some of that stuff- art, street art, books, movies/documentaries, record/book shops and things of the like that I find along the way in my travels or any of the other staff members in turn find in theirs. Vegan pizza place reviews are also a very distinct possibility.


I do hereby also solemnly swear that I will NOT turn this into a train/railfan/abandoned building/urbex blog. Friends and my social media followers know this is another nerdy pursuit of mine, but it is a whole other thing unto itself so I will keep it relegated to it’s own feed and my personal page…though perhaps occasionally there might be a picture or two of that if it seems fitting (or if I finally manage to throw a show on top of a particular abandoned train trestle I have had my eyes on…). That being said, I can’t promise my not so secret wish of ALSO writing reviews about weird/regional/off brand soda won’t find it’s way here because I really think that it might…as I’ve said before on FTA, UP THE SOBER SODA PUNX! 


Stay tuned because more art etc happenings to be posted here soon. As always, feel free to send suggestions on things you’d like to see here or things you think we should check out, we are always on the lookout for the good stuff.

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