Women of the Night- “Sub Rosa”

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Reviews

Women of the NightSub Rosa  (cover art by Carolina Moscoso)


Women of the Night have just released their second album, Sub Rosa. The album was recorded over three days at NY HED studio in the LES with producers Rocio & Matt Verta-Ray. It was then mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering and released on Declared Goods and on Heavy Soul Records in the UK.


It is difficult to pin any one genre on this album as it ranges from soulful and vulnerable in songs such as, “Hot Water,” and “I’m A Man,” to glam-psych songs such as “Most Magazines.” It doesn’t just stop there though, proto-punk makes a welcome entrance three songs in with the raucous track, “Money.”


You could be a fan of anyone from The Modern Lovers to Wilco or The Gun Club and thoroughly enjoy this album about love, longing and heartache in the city. What attracts me about the lyrics is the attention to the details of everyday life; the characterization is fully developed and realistic, which in turn feels like a sincere documentation.


Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jordan D’Arsie said about the songs, “I noticed my songwriting and the voices within the stories were often flickering between a sinister voice and a much lighter and optimistic voice. As the album began to come together, I started to imagine it as its own space and almost as if there were two parallel planes. What is spoken of in the light of day and what is spoken of in the night or simply put Sub Rosa.” Adding, “There’s a symmetry and balance to this record, seven songs on each side and a conscious effort in the songwriting to balance these two parallel worlds, the voices and sounds that accompany them.”


The result is Sub Rosa, a captivating collection consisting of fourteen tracks drawing one into exploring the balance of these two worlds. This balance is reflected in the pace of the album as you move through the unpredictable highs and lows associated with heartache, giving it a slightly raw and unhinged feel. With the band consisting of Kyubae Lee on drums/lead guitar and Greg Watson on bass, the rhythm section is tight and focused; combined with D’Arsie’s renowned songwriting skills, this is an album you need to hear. 


Women of the Night performing outside 18th Ward Brewery

Women of the Night performing at 18th Ward (photo by Kate Hoos)

Sub Rosa is out now on all streaming platforms via Declared Goods/Heavy Soul Records.

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