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Hello and welcome to FTA’s list of what we are excited for this Bandcamp Friday, aka every music nerds favorite day! A few of us weighed in on what we’ve been into lately and we’ve got a nice selection goodies we think you should check out. This Bandcamp Friday is in honor of Juneteenth and will mark the 3rd year that the company will be donating 100% of their share from downloads to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (read Bandcamp’s full statement). BC Friday will skip August before returning September 2nd, and following through on the first Friday of each month until the end of the year.


Tell us what you dug and what you downloaded in the comments.


Kate Hoos- Editor In Chief


BLKVAPORVaporising. There’s a lot to BLKVAPOR’S sound—emo, punk, noise—and it all coalesces into something that is uniquely them. This Baltimore based outfit also puts on an explosive and enthralling live performance and are without a doubt a band you need to be keeping your eyes and ears on.


Keefchamber DIMO. I saw this two piece sludgey doom metal band last summer at a house show in NJ and they shook the fucking walls from start to finish. There may only be two of them, and no guitars in the band, but their sound is gigantic, a slow and demanding dirge that relies solidly on droning, heavily distorted bass lines. They also make no bones about their love of green, with many of their song titles and artwork referencing the bud. At least a few times a month ever since that show I’ve wondered aloud “when will I get to see this band again?!” and would very much like to change my drought in having seen them again this summer. They have scant few releases online but I’m also hoping that changes soon too.


Sons Of KemetLest We Forget What We Came Here To Do. This formidable UK jazz group recently announced that they be “closing this chapter of the band’s existence for the foreseeable future” after they wrap up their 2022 touring commitments (likely because all four members of the group are busy with many other collaborations and solo work). While this is disappointing for sure, I am glad the members are continuing with a variety of other things and am especially glad I got a chance to see them a few months ago at Webster Hall for a spectacular night of expressive and contemplative jazz fusion. They leave behind a legacy of four exceptional albums, including this, their 2015 opus. They will play their final NYC show on 7/31 at Central Park Summer Stage.


###Nasilno. I very recently discovered this Croatian instrumental post hardcore/noise/atmospheric rock band via a music group on Facebook. While it’s not good for much these days, Facebook does manage to come through in this department and I do enjoy the few groups I’m in on there to discover old and new things alike, this one being a big standout for me. I’ve long loved instrumental music and getting lost in the different textures and sounds in a way that I can’t find myself doing with music that contains vocals and lyrics. This is on the fast track to becoming one of my favorite releases of 2022. And if you were wondering how to say this bands name, apparently it is “pronounced” by hitting a random object three times.

Kevin McGann- Contributing Photographer


Failure Wild Type Droid. This alt rock cult favorite from the 90’s is back on tour to support their latest full length album and will be playing Warsaw on Friday 6/24.

FortezzaWindmill. Some post-punk garage rock courtesy of North Carolina and currently on tour.

GOATRequiem. Swedish experimental psych rock at its finest – GOAT’s last full length release.

KapputCarnage Hall. Glasgow 6-piece that combines post-punk percussive beats with keys, sax and swagger and have been touring with Squid.


Mike Borchardt- Live Correspondent 


Bartees StrangeWretched. Bartees Strange has received no shortage of accolades from the biggest press publications and successes on the biggest stages these past two years, and that’s simply due to the fact that he remains so damn authentic. “Wretched,” the latest single off his brand new record Farm to Table is just that. Bartees has always surrounded himself with people who keep him honest, and he reflects that right back to his audience with rich sounds and warm textures that are unassuming and just connect on every fiber of the human experience. It’s nerdy. It’s real. And it’s strange.

GanserPeople Watching. My earworm love affair with Ganser started a few years ago. As a fellow Chicagoan, I am partial to Chicago bands, especially when they are awesome. Their new single “People Watching” is dark and driving seemingly effortless and ambivalent in its catchiness. The angular movements poke and prod in all the right places. They’re the kind of band that makes you want to buy a t-shirt and continue to wear it long past laundry day.

War VioletGet Away. From the imagination of Jummy Aremu, War Violet has evolved over a handful of years, functioning almost as a fly-over of the beauty and truth in musical experience. Compressing both time and reality, what once started as an almost 1960s Nico-esque folk solo project has expanded its sound to include a collective of orchestral textures on their upcoming record.

Nick AD- Contributing Writer


Bartees StrangeFarm To Table. 

EditrixEditrix II: Editrix Goes To Hell. 


Hurry UpAmerican Weirdos. 

The IreWhat Dreams May Come. 

NonconnahDon’t Go Down To Lonesome Holler.

Valentina MagalettiA Queer Anthology of Drums.


Ray Rusinak- Contributing Photographer


Supercrush Melody Maker. Supercrush puts out catchy power pop in the 90’s indie mold similar to bands like The Lemonheads, GBV, Teenage Fanclub and Superchunk. Closer to home, and more recently, they also remind me a lot of Brooklyn’s Dead Stars (anyone know if they’re still around?).

Anyways, Supercrush put out one of my favorite albums of 2020 with SODO Pop, and a couple of weeks ago they dropped Melody Maker, an EP which strictly speaking, simply does not disappoint. The band has a knack for hook infused catchy power pop and they do a fantastic job at sticking to the known formula that clearly works. Check them out.


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