Weekly Show Listing 2/19-2/25/24

Weekly Show Listing 2/19-2/25/24


Looking for a good show in NYC? Well here you go! We’ve got a nice big list of what is going on this week, shows that we are excited about and want you to know about too, with plenty of live music from the local scene and national acts at bigger venues to choose from. This list is brought to you by our EIC Hoos along with our NYC scene editor, Mike Borchardt (of the band Nihiloceros), who is in touch with the local Brooklyn/etc scene like no other. And we’ve got a sprinkling of live photos to get you in the mood for your show of choice too. Check back every Monday for updated listings on what is good for the week to come!




Moderate Rock, Robot Princess, Big Oil, Awful Din | 6:30pm | Arlene’s Grocery

Awful Din performing

Awful Din (photo by Kate Hoos)


J. Robbins, SAVAK | 7pm | Union Pool 

The Alabasters, Sue Your Landlord, Alex Perloff, Death 13 | 7pm | Wonderville

Oceanator, Dim Wizard, Bat Boy, Crush Fund | 8pm | Purgatory

Jawbox performing

J. Robbins (photo by Kate Hoos)

SAVAK performing

SAVAK (photo by Kate Hoos)

Oceanator performing

Oceanator (photo by Ray Rusinak)


Tetchy, T!lt, Deth Wish, Party Girl | 7pm | Trans Pecos

Mitski, Tamino | 8pm | Beacon Theater

Mitski performing

Mitski (photo by Hazelle Withers)



Artists Against Apartheid | Viva Palestine Libre feat. Rebelmatic, Cometa Negra, Hecho En Brooklyn | 6:30pm | Stone Circle Theater 

White Denim, Basic | 7pm | Brooklyn Bowl

Lip Critic, Prize, APK | 7pm | Elsewhere 

Garcia Peoples, Masaaki | 7pm | Nublu 

A Place To Bury Strangers, Upper Wilds, Channel Vessel | 7pm | TV Eye

Little Slugger, gobbinjr, Fair Visions, Otracami | 7pm | Our Wicked Lady 

Fruit Dawg, Them Theys, Harla, Rest Ashore, Little Hands, Cousin Oven | 7pm |  Bar Freda

S.C.A.B., Namesake, Bindy, Pamphlets | 8pm | Knitting Factory at Baker Falls

Um Jennifer, The Canvas Collective, Pop Music Fever Dream | 8pm | Purgatory

Meds, Ian St. George, Bayaz, Jet Daisy | 8pm | Alphaville 

Eye Roller, King Mob, Ill Raised, Cancel Vulture | 8pm | Cobra Club

Mitski, Tamino | 8pm | Beacon Theater

Rebelmatic performing

Rebelmatic (photo by Kate Hoos)

Lip Critic performing

Lip Critic (photo by Kate Hoos)

Garcia Peoples performing

Garcia Peoples (photo by Edwina Hay)

Rest Ashore (photo by Kate Hoos)

Namesake performing

Namesake (photo by Kate Hoos)

Mitski performing

Mitski (photo by Hazelle Withers)


Indigo De Souza, Truth Club | 7pm | Brooklyn Steel

Winterwolf, Eevie Echoes and the Locations, Rat Bath, Sangre, Lollirot | 7pm | Purgatory 

Haram, Taqbir, Kaleidoscope, Mirage, Suck | 7pm | TV Eye

… Somewhere Like Shoreview, Cold Brew, Ian McFarland, Sotvo | 7pm | Bowery Electric

Candy Ambulance, Julesy, Retail Drugs, Topanga Breakfast | 8pm | Alphaville

Mitski, Tamino | 8pm | Beacon Theater 

Hands First, Pencildive, Tropicana, Loudeye | 8pm | Gold Sounds 

Seth Faergolzia (dufus), Pinc Louds (solo), Grasping Straws, Lumberob | 8pm | Rubulad

Toby Goodshank, Kate Mohanty, Itch Princess, Abbie From Mars | 8pm | Hart Bar

Boy Howdy!, War Honey, The Upstart Crows, Stutterboy | 8:30pm | The Gutter 

Jarita y la Ondo, Tiers La Familia, Jenny Alien | 8:30pm | Footlight Presents at The Windjammer

Amy Sheehan of The Love Howl Yesterday and the Undoing, Abby Ahmad, Hannah vs. The Many, Joe Versus | 9pm | Young Ethyls 

Mistrött, Keefchamber, Decept, Funeral Dancer | 11pm | The Broadway

Winter Wolf performing

Winterwolf (photo by Kate Hoos)

Mitski performing

Mitski (photo by Hazelle Withers)

The Grasping Straws performing

Grasping Straws (photo by Kevin McGann)

Keefchamber performing at a house show

Keefchamber (photo by Kate Hoos)



Scarboro, Lights Out, Fat Heaven (acoustic), The Loneliers | 4:30pm | Bar Freda

Thursday, Rival Schools, Many Eyes | 7pm | Irving Plaza 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Alan Sparhawk (Low), Marina Herlop, Maria BC | 7pm | Knockdown Center

Mulva, Free Casino, Rose of the World, Gorgeous | 7pm | Purgatory 

Nara’s Room, Corporeal, Many Shining Windows | 7pm | Trans Pecos

Giftshop, Lolux | 7pm | Berlin 

Balloon Snake, Glitter Spitter, Glimmer | 7pm | EWEL

Mitski, Tamino | 8pm | Beacon Theater 

Big Girl, Shred Flintstone, Big Scary Indian | 8pm | Knitting Factory at Baker Falls

Fat Heaven performing

Fat Heaven (photo by Kate Hoos)

The Loneliers performing

The Loneliers (photo by Kate Hoos)

Thursday performing

Thursday (photo by Amanda Meth)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor performing

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (photo by Kate Hoos)

Low performing

Alan Sparhawk (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gorgeous performing

Gorgeous (photo by Kate Hoos)

Nara's Room performing

Nara’s Room (photo by Kate Hoos)

Mitski performing

Mitski (photo by Hazelle Withers)


Sharkswimmer, Samuel SC, Dead Best | 6:30pm | Saint Vitus

Gardenia, Rat Palace, Alphabet City, Jeerleader | 7pm | Berlin

Sharkswimmer performing

Sharkswimmer (photo by Kate Hoos)

Gardenia performing

Gardenia (photo by Kate Hoos)




Q & A with A Very Special Episode

Q & A with A Very Special Episode

A Very Special Episode (photo by Cherylynn Tsushima)


Noisy postpunk band, A Very Special Episode, are staples in the Brooklyn DIY scene known equally for their work ethic, striking visuals and intense live shows. They are on the eve of releasing a brand new album, Freak Me Out, which incorporates themes of horror, cults and their intersection with pop culture. We were intrigued so we sent some questions over to the band which bassist/vocalist Kasey Heisler and guitarist Patrick Porter were nice enough to answer for us. Find out more about the band and the album below:


Tell us a bit about who you are as a band.

Kasey: Three doofuses having fun and trying to start a fire hoping other people will come to the party and hang with us.


You draw upon movies and other music for influence. What are some of the influences for this record and for the band in general? Can you talk a little about how those outside influences shaped the writing of Freak Me Out?

Patrick: Personally, I’ve been very inspired by the two feature films Beyond the Black Rainbow and Mandy by Panos Cosmatos. They’re like the world’s slowest but most visceral roller coasters. As best I can I’ve tried to recreate the experiences and emotions those two movies have given me as I’ve watched them.


How much actual self-discovery went into the making of this record?

Patrick: Well, we ended up booking both chunks of studio time before all of the actual songs were written so that provided very fertile ground for self discovery. Thankfully it resulted in success (we think).


AVSE performing

AVSE live at EWEL (photo by Kate Hoos)


What was your favorite thing about recording at Studio G?

Kasey: Everything about it felt legitimate and special but I would say mostly it was working with Jeff Berner and Ross Colombo, and how collaborative the experience got to be with them in finding the sound and all the weird ways we could get there. 

Patrick: Like Kasey said, it was a blast working with Jeff and Ross and it was also nice recording within walking distance of our home. It was also just really fun playing with all their pedals and equipment for overdubs.


How much does the Brooklyn DIY community tie into your identity and your sound as a band. And can you speak a little to that?

Kasey: I feel like we really found our sound and identity the more that we began to find our community there. And have you ever been to a show to see your friends and they kick so much ass it makes you mad and jealous?? That can be incredibly motivating. 

Patrick: Everyone in the scene is so creative and constantly pushes us to think outside the box on how to expand our sound and step up our game. It’s like our peers give us permission to feel brave enough to take risks and make bold choices in our tunes, and I hope we do the same for them!


The world is tough to navigate a lot of the time these days, and it can be hard to stay motivated. How do you stay inspired to keep going and doing what you’re doing with all the bullshit of life coming at you and the challenges of being independent musicians on top of it?

Kasey: I am fairly bad at staying motivated when things around me become difficult but Patrick is always using everything around him to inspire new musical or visual ideas and he ends up inspiring me the most.


AVSE performing

AVSE live at EWEL (photo by Kate Hoos)

What do you get up to outside of the band?

Kasey: These days it’s mostly band stuff, but being a TV couch potato is an origin story for me and my tendency persists for sure. Good TV, bad TV, I’m here for it.


Going back to movies, got any hot recommendations? Some obscure or cult classics we should know about?

Patrick: I recently watched Infinity Pool, Skinamarink, and Barbarian—all of which are new releases I recommend. I also really did fall into a Criterion rabbit hole recently; Brand upon the Brain is an incredibly weird silent movie from 2006 that really stuck with me that deserves more eyes.


If you could interview any cult leader from all cults throughout history, who would you interview?

Kasey: I got really drawn into NIXIM through The Vow on HBO as a lot of people did and I would love to interview Keith Raniere just to find out how he was persuasive enough to get a bunch of fairly successful people from around the world—including working actors and filmmakers living in LA—to move to Albany.


If animals were cults, what cult would cats be and what cult would dogs be?

Patrick: Cats and dogs already have their own well established cults; have you talked to a passionate cat or dog owner? They may not have a well defined name but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already a thing. For more proof, ask Kasey or myself at the next show you see us at the crazy things we’d do on behalf of our cats.


Would you rather be in a money cult or sex cult?

Kasey: Money cults are less terrible but sex cults get all the attention…

Patrick: Is there any such thing as a consensual sex cult? Probably not…


Do you believe in aliens?

Patrick: If they’re out there and we made contact they’re probably more weird and horrible than we can possibly imagine so I’m glad we haven’t yet.


Would you spend a year on Mars (all expenses paid)?

Kasey: Hell no, I don’t even know how I’m gonna be on tour for the better part of a month.


AVSE performing

AVSE live at EWEL (photo by Kate Hoos)

Flash forward to a few months from now and the record is out, and everyone is buying it hand over fist, how will you be sure this whole thing wasn’t actually a grift?

Kasey: At that point, will it matter? One man’s grift is another man’s self discovery after all.

Patrick: While it’s definitely not a grift, there’s no sure fire way to prove it. That said, I highly recommend the vinyl combo with the tote bag.



Freak Me Out releases in full via EWEL records on 6/23/23


Video Premiere- Leathered “Prayer”

Video Premiere- Leathered “Prayer”

Leathered (photo by M. Guggino)


If you like a rocking indie Americana vibe, Leathered are the best in the biz, and “Prayer” is indeed a three minute slice of what Leathered does best: crunchy guitar, crisp drums, loping bass and Amanda B. Jun’s slightly weathered, strong voice over everything. Their album A Reckoning was one of my favorites last year, and “Prayer” is a track from that release, now debuting as a single with a music video directed by visual artist and musician Holly Overton. We are thrilled to give you the exclusive first look!



Of the song, Jun shares: “There seems to be an escalation of—and tolerance for—senseless, daily acts of violence. Every day. The mass shootings, the murders against Black, disabled and trans folks, wars, the increasing restrictions on basic bodily autonomy and self-determination…it feels like there is no relief. This song is definitely a prayer.”


The video was shot at Brooklyn’s Sunview Luncheonette and Trinity Cemetery, and features the band walking around the cemetery and playing at the diner, with Jun as a server and members of fellow Brooklyn band Frida Kill appearing as customers. The juxtaposition of the subway train passing by the cemetery, movement beside stillness, is perfect imagery for the song (the diner may perhaps be on the train at times.) Overton shares “The tone of the song is sincere and existential, so I kept the treatment of the visuals pretty straightforward…We talked about the diner as this neutral place [where] most any kind of person can find respite from the weight of the world.”


Leathered performing

Leathered live in 2021 (photo by Kate Hoos)



Leathered will be at Our Wicked Lady on Wednesday, May 17th with Taleen Kali and SILENT MASS, and you can pick up “Prayer” and A Reckoning at their Bandcamp here.



Video Premiere- Safe Houses “Someday Is Starting Now”

Video Premiere- Safe Houses “Someday Is Starting Now”

Safe Houses (photo by Jeanette D. Moses)


Jangly Brooklyn powerpop heroes and stalwarts of the DIY scene, Safe Houses, are releasing a pair of brand new digital only singles this week—”Someday Is Starting Now (Julia)”/”I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”—and have an accompanying video for “Someday Is Starting Now” which we here at Full Time Aesthetic are thrilled to premiere today!


Directed by Jamie Frey and Tasha Lutek, the video sees the band in a place they called home for many years, the beloved and deeply missed DIY spot, Pet Rescue, which was founded by Safe Houses’ guitarist/singer Brian LaRue and was unfortunately forced to close last year. (Read our farewell piece.) Both songs have been longtime crowd favorites and staples of the band’s setlist and are being released in studio recorded form for the first time. They share that the songs are a “one-two powerpop punch, where the sting of unemployment, loneliness, and depression is swabbed with a salve of self-effacement, gallows humor and, ultimately, hope. They’re fitting salvos, following the rocky re-opening of NYC nightlife, a reboot of the band’s lineup, a legally mandated band name change (long story), and a series of sweaty gigs. Safe Houses are still standing. If you are too, let’s party.”


“Someday Is Starting Now (Julia)”/”I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is available 5/9 via the University of Space Recording Company on all major streaming audio platforms. The band will play a release show at Our Wicked Lady on 5/9 with No Jersey, Mean 2 Me and Trash TV.


Watch the video below and keep up with the band on Instagram.




FTA’s Bandcamp Friday Picks May 2023

FTA’s Bandcamp Friday Picks May 2023


Hello and welcome to FTA’s list of what we are excited for this Bandcamp Friday, aka every music nerds favorite day! A bunch of us weighed in on what we’ve been into lately and we’ve got plenty of goodies old and new for you to dig into over a wide range of genres. But don’t take our word for it, dive into these tracks/albums and judge for yourself. Feel free to let us know what you think and tell us your suggestions.


Check out some of our past lists here: April 2022, May 2022, June 2022September 2022October 2022November 2022December 2022February 2023, March 2023 and April 2023.


Kate Hoos- Editor In Chief

Goblin DaycareQ: EP? A: EP!! If you follow me on social media, you’ll likely know my nickname at work (and increasingly otherwise) is “the Goblin,” so you can imagine my reaction when I first saw the name of this band and that I thought it was very funny; of cooooourse I had to listen! The project of “Mama Goblin” (I’m okay sharing names here, ha!) it’s billed as “lo-fi punk for low-life punks/bedroom punk,” and sounds like it was recorded in said bedroom’s closet beneath a layer of cozy blankets. It’s fast and freaky and indeed very lo-fi—in all the best ways—with standout songs about killing landlords, “Landlordocide!” and hating cops “Officer Down!:)” so right in line with my world view too. This is a really fun way to spend eight minutes and thirteen seconds.


NeckingCut Your Teeth. In the last year or so, it seems like I keep hearing a ton of great stuff coming out of Canada (Bad Waitress, The Dog Indiana, Hot Garbage and Gloin to name a few), and when I recently watched an episode of a popular TV show on Showtime (aka Yellowjackets) I discovered yet another addition to my list. Necking performs their song “Big Mouth” in a scene on the show and while watching I thought “this is pretty good I should look it up,” which I did after the episode. Turns out the full album, Cut Your Teeth, is in fact really good and right in the wheelhouse of bands I already like anyway. The song in the show, “Big Mouth,” is definitely a standout, but my favorites from the album are “Still Exist” and “No Playtime.”


As an unabashed champion of all things DIY and local bands forever, I tip my hat to the music supervisor from Yellowjackets for picking a Vancouver local to get the nod to be on the show instead of bringing in a bigger more well known act. Here’s hoping a new album and perhaps a visit to NYC will not be too far off in the future for this “febreze punk” foursome.

Promykijeb jeb jeb. It’s noisy and raw, a bit lo-fi and also a little bit weird, almost like a riot grrrl band from 1992 and a noise rock band (from a nebulous time period) jammed in a blender. And I fucking love it. I was recently introduced to this Polish band via a music sharing “club” aka group on Facebook (one of the last remaining reasons I remain on that trash heap of a platform truth be told) and loved this, their brand new EP just released in March. They have a solid album, Plastik, which came out in 2022 that I also recommend. How do we get this band across the ocean and into a dive bar in Brooklyn? Asking for a friend.

Jenifun- Webmistress

The AnchoressVersions EP 3. There’s just so much good stuff coming out of Wales right now. The Anchoress being one of them and so absolutely sublime.

Maid of AceMaid of AceGreat stuff from England’s south coast.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs– Land of SleeperSo loud, so good, such decent blokes too! I say this album, and especially the first track “Ultimate Hammer” on repeat! Check out our coverage from their recent NYC debut. 


Kate Bell-Contributing Writer

Constant Smiles– Kenneth Anger.

Display Homes– What If You’re Right & They’re Wrong?

 Dorthia Cottrell– Death Folk Country.

Hard NipsMaster Cat. 

 Scam Likely– Getting Worse.

Telehealth– Content Oscillator.

 Worriers– Warm Blanket.


Kyle Ostrander- Contributing Photographer

REZN– SolaceREZN released this album in March, and it’s six tracks of sludge metal goodness filled with heavy guitars, psychedelic vocals, and even the occasional saxophone. The whole album is great, but the standout track for me is the title-track, Solace. Recommended if you like Sleep, Monolord, or Dozer.


Mike Borchardt- NYC Scene Editor



Red Tank!Dreams & Monsters.


Ray Rusinak-Contributing Photographer

Lachlan Denton– FurnishingsLachlan Denton hails from Melbs (as the Ausies call it). Sort of a follow up to his 2019 release, A Brother, which dealt with the grief of losing his brother the previous year, Furnishings continues with this grieving process. This time its four years down the road and we find Lachlan in the acceptance stage of the process. Furnishings provides the listener with a beautiful lo-fi set of songs which still has the sadness of loss looming over it but with a feeling of hopefulness and optimism creeping through the edges. 

LoOn, The Jansen, & The Caroline’s– Flowery MelancholiaThis six-song, three-way split-EP released on Indonesia’s Paska Records offers up a nice mix and indicative representation of what each of these three bands have to offer. (Side note: I was drawn to this EP solely based on the name off of the record label. Paska is also the name for Slovakian Easter bread and it brings fond memories to my brain). With Flowery Melancholia you get the fluffy feel good power pop of LoOn (think late Veronica Falls) and The Caroline’s (RIYL Allo Darlin‘) juxtaposed with the somewhat heavier and rockier feel of The Jansen (imagine The Ramones singing in Indonesian). 

The Sprouts– Eat Your GreensThis Melbourne quartet makes jangly bedroom powerpop for the sad and lonely crowd. Simple melodies accompanied by just as simple instrumentation make this album sound like it was in fact recorded in a bedroom using Garageband. But in the case of Eat Your Greens, less is very much more and better; the lack of sonic clutter suits the material just perfectly. If you’re already a fan of the so-called Melbourne sound, Eat Your Greens ought to be an album that’ll tickle your fancy. And if you’re not, but still love some good old understated jangly power pop, use this one to start your journey down that Aussie rabbit hole.




JOHN announce new single, first North American tour

JOHN announce new single, first North American tour

JOHN (photo by Paul Grace)


We here at FTA have been long time fans of the London based JOHN, the grungy punk duo of John Newton (lead vocals/drums) and Johnny Healey guitar/backing vocals). They have been mentioned in our Bandcamp Friday picks more than once, made our recent favorite two piece bands list and are always in heavy rotation at FTA headquarters, particularly 2019’s Out Here on the Fringes. They have toured extensively in the UK and Europe with the likes of some of our favorites— IDLES, Metz, and Mclusky— and I know I definitely have been anxiously awaiting my own chance to see them live over on this side of the Atlantic.


So you can imagine I was thrilled at the news that they will soon be making their “maiden voyage” across the pond and onto the hellfire shores of ‘Murica (with one Canadian date) for a 15 date tour this October, including a stop in New York at Saint Vitus for the final show of the run.


Along with the tour announcement comes a brand new song and video, “Trauma Mosaic,” which sees them pushing forward in the exciting new direction they began exploring last year with “Theme New Bond Junior,” (read our thoughts), and continues in this more subtle approach for the band. It’s not a totally radical shift though and they do stay true to the sound that is their foundation, but they have broadened the expanse of that sound and the perceived limits of a two piece punk band in the process. Newtown holds his signature growl back a bit to show off his vocal range nicely, the satisfying gruffness kicking in as the guitars intensify and the song hits the soaring choruses. I’ve loved getting to hear another side of this band who as it turns out, are just as great at pulling back and riding a feeling as they are as crafting rip roaring shout it out punk anthems. The song does just that, the last nearly three minutes spent on a building jam that hits a fever pitch in the waning minute before things settle down once more and we’re left to contemplate as the guitar echos away.


Newton shared about the song and video:


There’s a deliberate, claustrophobic repetition to the earlier stages of the song/video, which mirrors the very human tendency to obsess in cycles of thought  — it’s certainly something we
both struggle with as individuals. If you take the title more literally, we all contain a patchwork
of images sewn together from the past, and these memories are used as a map of survival
within our present. These primal instincts seem overloaded nowadays, and we
become open to be haunted by even 
the slightest reflection.”


The song also comes paired with a video directed by Newton and the band’s long time collaborator Paul Grace. Watch the video below and scroll down for all North American Tour Dates.



JOHN tour poster


All dates with Tunic

10/3- Phoenix, AZ @ Linger Longer Lounge

10/4- Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

10/5- Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room

10/7- San Francisco, CA @ Brick and Mortar

10/10- Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern

10/11- Portland, OR @ Mission Theater

10/13- Salt Lake City, UT @ The DLC

10/14- Denver, CO @ Skylark Lounge

10/17- St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway

10/18- Chicago, IL @ Schubas

10/20- Toronto, ON @ The Baby G

10/21- Columbus, OH @ The Basement

10/24- Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

10/25- Washington, DC @ DC9

10/26- Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus