FTA’s Bandcamp Friday Picks March 2023

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Features


Hello and welcome to FTA’s list of what we are excited for this Bandcamp Friday, aka every music nerds favorite day! A bunch of us weighed in on what we’ve been into lately and we’ve got plenty of goodies old and new for you to dig into over a wide range of genres. But don’t take our word for it, dive into these tracks/albums and judge for yourself. Feel free to let us know what you think and tell us your suggestions.


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Kate Hoos- Editor In Chief

Double Dagger– Sophisticated Urban Living (Contemporary Conveniences Edition). I love the versions of the songs on this collection, captured as demos and raw works in progress in 2008, many of them going on to appear in more polished form on the album MORE and the Masks EP. I’ve always been a fan of gritty lo-fi recordings, as they seem to capture bands in a more primal way that a formal studio recording can, so it was a real treat to listen to these songs as they existed in a more primitive state. The BC description goes into more details so I recommend giving that a read.


Fashion TipsFucking Hell. Billing themselves as “dance music for anxious people” this London crew makes grimey, noisy post punk no wave and vocalist Esmé Louise Newman is a dead ringer for Tobi Vail’s vocal delivery, particularly on the opening track “Lunched Out.” This is the band’s debut EP and I’m already jonesing for a full length.


Mathew Hattie HeinIn Search of Lost Hein. Many years ago, I acquired a split 7inch with Mathew Hattie Hein and Sarah Dougher, and I had no idea who he was at the time since I bought it for the SD tracks. I loved his songs and as it turns out, he was the lead singer of Portland indie band, New Bad Things who I’d heard of in passing at that point. This 18 song collection compiles tracks “from 7” records, cassette tapes, compilations, and the proverbial vault: twenty years of bedroom, basement, public park, and studio compositions… eighteen songs from Old Portland, including the entire cult-status Last Chance EP” and was a nice blast from the past.


Brianna DiGioia- Contributing Photographer

FixturesHollywood Dog. I loved this one from BK mainstays Fixtures. Read my full review here.


Edwina Hay- Contributing Photographer

Algiers Shook. (read FTA’s review)

King Vision UltraShook World. (companion to previous release)

QuasiBreaking The Balls of History. (read FTA’s full review)

Sleaford Mods UK Grim. 

Young FathersHeavy Heavy. 


Jenifun- Webmistress 


Deux FurieusesMy War is Your War.

Los Campesinos!– Hold On Now, Youngster.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsLand of Sleeper. 


Kate Bell- Contributing Writer

Death Valley GirlsIslands in the Sky. (read my full review)

Gina Birch I Play My Bass Loud. (read FTA’s full review)

Ibex CloneAll Channels Clear. 

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Land of Sleeper. (read my full review)

Silica Gel Wooden Shoe. 

Steady HolidayNewfound Oxygen. 


Mike Borchardt- NYC Scene Editor

DATAPOOL self-titled.

FonFon RuCollapse of the Silver Bridge.

RebelmaticEat The Monster.

ShybabyA Real Cowboy Hat Never Falls Off.





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