FTA’s Bandcamp Friday Picks May 2022

by | May 6, 2022 | Features


Hello and welcome to FTA’s list of what we are excited for this Bandcamp Friday, aka every music nerds favorite day! A bunch of us weighed in on what we’ve been into lately and we’ve got lots of goodies old and new (check out our picks from April). But don’t take our word for it, dive into these tracks/albums and judge for yourself. Feel free to let us know what you think and tell us your suggestions.




Kate Hoos- Editor In Chief


Gloin– I saw this Canadian band open for Snapped Ankles and few months back (see pics here) which was my introduction to their dark, noisey, synthy ways. I loved their live set and have been exploring their recorded catalog since while I anxiously await their return to NYC.


Rat Chasm Baby. This is a live recording that is a little rough but that’s no matter because it showcases the strength this band has and I’ve been loving this raw slice of chaos from these Chicago noise punks.


RegretS/T. D-beat hardcore from Hong Kong, this EP is tough as nails. Complete with warp speed tempos, chugging breakdowns, and duel vocals. This is the band’s debut release, it packs a strong, political punch and I’m ready for more.

Amanda Meth- Contributing Writer


Shilpa Ray Discography.




Edwina Hay- Contributing Photographer 




billy woodsAethiopes.


Girls Against BoysHouse of GVSB. 


PavementTerror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal.




SOUL GLODiaspora Problems. 

Jenifun- Webmaster


Angel HotelKey Largo. 


Panic ShackBaby Shack. Standout track: “The Ick”


ParcsI’m Not Having A Nice Time. 



Mike Borchardt- Live Correspondent 


BeeyotchRight Behind You. This albumi s like the party at Debbie Harry’s Lower East Side apartment you wish you got invited to in 1979. Equal parts New Wave and Art Punk with a touch of Nico whimsy, this record somehow feels both extremely NYC retro and Brooklyn current at the same time. But it also feels like 10 years ago. And it’s probably what I’m listening to right now and 5 years from now. It’s timeless, Beeyotch.


Frida KillEP 1. I know this EP and this band are a favorite of this blog, but I wanted a chance to add to their praises. DIY feminist punk in the truest way, it deftly rotates it’s cast’s roles to seamlessly tell a story we all need to hear. Lo-fi but splashed in polish, it harkens back to a sound employed by bands like X over 40 years ago, but feels extremely current. Frida Kill expertly weaves infectious pop hooks into a bed of dark sonic tension, and their clever lyrics also strike a similar balance. The EP feels like hanging out and chatting with your friends, because we all have someone in our life that is Frida Kill. In this dude’s humble opinion, we need more bands like Frida Kill to tell all the different women’s stories today, not just in NYC but everywhere.


Nick AD- Contributing Writer 


Adiós Amores– Sus Mejores Canciones. Surf, psych, lounge, and flamenco converge on this infectious record from this duo out of Seville, Spain.


The French Tips– All the Rage. Run—do not walk, do not pass Go—to preorder the latest from this phenomenal Boise quartet. Due out next week, the 4 singles have been incredible: dark, hazy, loud, dynamic, just fuckin’ good.


The Klittens– Citrus. Very catchy indie, pop, punk out of The Netherlands.


The Surfrajettes– Roller Fink. Long-awaited long-player from one of the best surf outfits around right now. Half super cool originals, half rad covers, a perfect instrumental party record if you dig the surf rock.


The VeldtElectric Revolution (Rhythm & Drone).  Hell yeah! New Veldt! These longtime shoegazers sound good and fresh as ever.



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