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Hello and welcome to FTA’s list of what we are excited for this Bandcamp Friday, aka every music nerds favorite day! A bunch of us weighed in on what we’ve been into lately and we’ve got LOTS of goodies old and new for you to dig into over a wide range of genres. But don’t take our word for it, dive into these tracks/albums and judge for yourself. Feel free to let us know what you think and tell us your suggestions.


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Kate Hoos- Editor In Chief

GoolagoonLife of Crime. “Patrickviolence” aka Deep sea queer powerviolence with a SpongeBob motif (though just artwork wise, not lyrically like other “theme” bands such as the X Files themed F. Emasculata or Ned Flanders themed Okilly Dokilly) I recently thought about this band and pulled them off the shelf again after a while. I don’t tend to be big into powerviolence in general, but there is something about this band that I’ve always loved. I’m not sure if they are still active and their most recent post on Instagram from earlier this summer reads: “GOOLAGOON has been committed—we have been unable to print more merch and play shows due to all of us being absolutely insane” but these songs still slay and stand tall. The title track which calls out abusive men is the real standout here and my favorite. Hope to see more from this band in the future, you know when they get back on the outside.


Julien BakerB-Sides. Extra tracks from the Little Oblivions sessions that didn’t make the album, I find these three tracks excellent slices that show the past, present, and a nod to perhaps the future of Baker’s exceptional body of work. Read my full review.


Middle-Aged QueersToo Fag For Love. I discovered this band right before I sat down to write out my entries for this list when I saw a show flyer for another band I know (the way I still discover a lot of music truth be told), and never has a band name felt closer to who I am. Proving us punx over 40 are still fun and dare I say flirty, this group hails from the Bay Area and has all the hallmarks of the classic Lookout! pop punk sound that I was obsessed with in the mid 90s (complete with a Green Day Kerplunk flower spoof t-shirt). It was love at first listen to their debut, Too Fag For Love, and I knew right away I had to include them on my list for this month. I also found myself forking over my gay ass money pretty much immediately for a copy of their 10inch record AND the accompanying “go fuck yourself” Golden Girls t-shirt. With merch like that and lyrics in their theme song like “We are the queers. The Middle-Aged Queers. We’re the fucking queers. Go fuck yourself” I think you all already know this band speaks to me on a deep level.


SurfyerSurf In Blood. I’m not sure who is ready for this collection of ten Slayer shreds reworked to reverb soaked surf jams, but I sure as hell was when I learned of its existence. I’ve already established in this blog that I love off kilter covers (read our listicle of favorite covers) and this? Wow was this ever an example of that! So far these ten songs seem to be all the band ever did but here is holding out hope that they hit more thrash classics and drench them in reverb. SURF IS METAL METAL IS SURF \m/



Unsanitary NapkinAll Billionaires Are Bastards. Blistering anarcho-punk from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa, (Māori for Wellington, New Zealand). A deeply political band with razor sharp wit, absolutely ZERO words are minced on these 12 fucking rippers and I often find myself hitting play on track one again immediately after the last song is finished (that last song being a cover of the 1978 Crass classic “Do They Owe Us a Living?”). The stand out for me is “Dildo Baggins,” a minute and a half of pure rage with a beautifully nasty bass line and rapid fire drumming. Also quite possibly the only political song I’ve ever heard that combines mention of chucking sex toys at politicians (based on a 100% true story) with references to The Hobbit and Lucy Lawless—which you know is ticking a whole hell of a lot of boxes for me in one fell swoop.


Chantal- Contributing Writer 

Bev Rage & The Drinks Exes & Hexes. Fronted by drag queen Bev Rage, this Chicago-based group puts out fun poppy queer punk that will have you bouncing.


Folklore– Constellations Form And Fall Apart: Dadurday Light Soundtrack, Vol​.​1. Folklore is a band that put out a few albums of lush, story-based songwriting over a decade ago that I thoroughly enjoyed. They’ve resurfaced and are releasing music again, including this, a soundtrack to a series of video shorts which are easily enjoyed on their own.


The History of Heavy Metal Vol. 3THE GOLDEN AGE OF THRASH: Thrash and Crossover 1983-1991.

The newest issue of the zine The History of Heavy Metal is finally here! Look for a forthcoming review on this blog; in the meantime, you can snag a copy right now.


Edwina Hay- Contributing Photographer 

Big Joanie– Back Home. London’s Big Joanie will release their sophomore record on Kill Rock Stars in the US in November and I can’t wait to hear the full record when it is released then.


Katie Alice GreerBarbarism. The former frontperson for the Washington, DC punk band Priests released a solo album in June.


The Koreatown OddityISTHISFORREAL? I loved Little Dominique’s Nosebleed that was released in June 2020 and have been digging their newest album too.


Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire– This is a single originally released a decade ago that finally hit Bandcamp digitally in June but will be released on a 7″ in a couple of months. Features a b-side with Danny Brown and fellow NY rappers Despot, El-P, and Das Racist (RIP).


Wrecking CrewSedale Threat. Wrecking Crew (rappers Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, and PremRock) released an album that takes its name after a basketball player that played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, Seattle SuperSonics and the L.A. Lakers.


Jenifun- Webmistress 

AdwaithLipstick Coch. Every song on the album ‘Melyn’ is a banger, particularly this one.


Bad WaitressStrawberry Milkshake. Can’t stop listening to this—so I’ve added it to three of my playlists and I don’t care.


BisThis Is Fake D.I.Y. Blew me away when I was very young, and still does to this very day.


JOHN (TIMES TWO)Future Thinker. Two piece punk with a gruff voiced lead singing drummer, enough said!


Petrol GirlsFight For Our Lives Ft Janey Starling. Money from this Bandcamp-only release goes to LevelUp who help people access healthcare. It’s a common misnomer that abortion is legal in England, Scotland, and Wales, but it isn’t and there are actually significant barriers in place to prevent those seeking abortion care from receiving it. (Read more detailed info at the LevelUp link.)


Juliette Boulay- Contributing Photographer

Field Medicuuu.


High Dead. 



Space CampInevitable Demise. 

They Are Gutting a Body of Water– Destiny XL. 

Venus TwinsEat Your Dogs. 


Kate Bell- Contributing Writer

Angel OlsenBig Time. 

Aviva JayeSo Close. 

The Crystal FursCalifornia Misses You.

Jane Doe EnsembleThe Corruption of What Cheer? 

Kill AltersTime Warp. 

RaFiaLeave Me Alone.

The ShebangsNow! Is When.

Underground SystemInto The Fire. 


Kevin McGann- Contributing Photographer 

King HannahI’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me. Liverpool duo Craig Whittle and Hannah Merrick recently released their gorgeous debut I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me. Low-key, moody, atmospheric sounds for fans of Mazzy Starr, PJ Harvey, and Portishead. Check out the subdued enthusiasm of ‘Go-Kart Kid (Hell No!).


Trash Moths/t. Recently featured in an FTA piece for the album release, Brooklyn’s Amelia Hazen unleashed her album Trash Moth on August 19th. See the article for more details on this labor of love.


TV PriestMy Other People. London post-punk band released their 2nd album My Other People in June as the follow up to their excellent debut Uppers. Finally able to tour after not hitting the road for their debut album in 2021, TV Priest has been tearing up stages including NYC’s own Baby’s All Right earlier this summer.


Mike Borchardt- Contributing Writer

Baby DelgadoDon’t Cry. Some industrial heavy synthy goth goodness perfect for dancing while out roaming and embracing the night.


Bummer Camp s/t. The long awaited release from the self-proclaimed goth pop rocker dropped last week. Dive face-first into layers upon layers of sound that evoke melancholic Summer evenings, shed some tears as you peel away the onion and discover Eli Frank.


DadHuman Garbage. The original Dad is back and their 2022 release Human Garbage will knock you down and rip your face off. Still heavy as fuck, get ready to party with your Dad like it’s 2017 all over again.


The Royal TheyForeign Being. Completely sold out of every copy. Ages ago. But the band is back after a three year complete silence and are working on new material, so in the meantime, why not revisit this 2018 masterpiece? And if you message the band, maybe they can find you a spare cassette tape that fell thru the cracks, but probably not.


A Very Special EpisodeFix Your Hearts or Die. Do you like noisy guitars, thunderous drums, and killer vocals? You (along with everyone else) probably already scooped this David Lynch inspired red vinyl soundscape, but if for some reason you haven’t, the band has a few remaining copies in stock.

Nick AD- Contributing Writer 

Harvest of AshAche and Impulse. Pulverizing, yet melodic doom/sludge out of Salt Lake City.

Heavy LooksApathy. Power pop from Madison, Wisconsin. First record in 7 years!

KMES.King Mike Entertainment System. Fun and infectious garage rock from Screaming Females bassist, King Mike! Also featuring Jenna Fairey of Spowder on drums.

TEEELWe Live Here Now. Meticulously crafted and executed synthpop, maybe the best of TEEEL’s long career. “Airport Rosé” is a Song of the Year contender.


Ray Rusinak- Contributing Photographer

Lee Baines & The Glory FiresOld-Time Folks. Alabama native, Lee Bains III and his band, The Gloryfires, released what just might be my favorite 2022 album. Baines, who has a NY connection in that he went to NYU, throughout his career has struggled with his rural southern roots and what it means to be a progressive southerner in today’s society. This dichotomy has played a heavy hand throughout his previous recorded output, from There Is A Bomb In Gilead  (not available on Bandcamp) through Deconstructed through Youth Detention as it still does on this new one. The difference this time is, Baines decided to purposely tone down the loud scorching distortion filled guitars and with the help of Athens, GA’s David Barbe (producer). Baines’ poignant and thought provoking words truly shine on this one. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.



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