Video Premiere- Leathered “Prayer”

by | May 10, 2023 | Features

Leathered (photo by M. Guggino)


If you like a rocking indie Americana vibe, Leathered are the best in the biz, and “Prayer” is indeed a three minute slice of what Leathered does best: crunchy guitar, crisp drums, loping bass and Amanda B. Jun’s slightly weathered, strong voice over everything. Their album A Reckoning was one of my favorites last year, and “Prayer” is a track from that release, now debuting as a single with a music video directed by visual artist and musician Holly Overton. We are thrilled to give you the exclusive first look!



Of the song, Jun shares: “There seems to be an escalation of—and tolerance for—senseless, daily acts of violence. Every day. The mass shootings, the murders against Black, disabled and trans folks, wars, the increasing restrictions on basic bodily autonomy and self-determination…it feels like there is no relief. This song is definitely a prayer.”


The video was shot at Brooklyn’s Sunview Luncheonette and Trinity Cemetery, and features the band walking around the cemetery and playing at the diner, with Jun as a server and members of fellow Brooklyn band Frida Kill appearing as customers. The juxtaposition of the subway train passing by the cemetery, movement beside stillness, is perfect imagery for the song (the diner may perhaps be on the train at times.) Overton shares “The tone of the song is sincere and existential, so I kept the treatment of the visuals pretty straightforward…We talked about the diner as this neutral place [where] most any kind of person can find respite from the weight of the world.”


Leathered performing

Leathered live in 2021 (photo by Kate Hoos)



Leathered will be at Our Wicked Lady on Wednesday, May 17th with Taleen Kali and SILENT MASS, and you can pick up “Prayer” and A Reckoning at their Bandcamp here.



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