FTA Contributor’s Favorites of 2022

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Features


Welcome to the FTA contributors lists of what they loved in 2022! This is not presented as or meant to be a “best of” list and each list comes from the individual contributors as their own (and as such, you will see some repeats along the way). They serve more as personal snapshots into what we were all listening to and loved rather than a definitive list as one monolith called “Full Time Aesthetic”. We all have pretty different tastes and things we love and we all bring just a little something different to the table. Additionally, the lists are in alphabetical order and as such, aren’t ranked, it’s just about sharing what we love and care about the most aka “tell me a punk runs this blog without telling me a punk runs this blog.”


This blog truly is a sum of its parts and all of the lists reflect that so well and run a massively wide gamut of sounds, styles, and level of notoriety—from slick pop records by the world’s biggest stars recorded on million dollar budgets with famous producers down to lovingly self recorded/released DIY noise punk gems from the local NYC music community and beyond. But no matter what, each and every album or EP on this list meant something to all of us and was a big part of our 2022.


There will may be things you’re surprised to see (or perhaps not see) here, but we hope if you see something you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll dig in and explore it more and perhaps find a new love. If you missed our list last year, it is packed with heavy hitters from 2021 and full of plenty more to explore so be sure to check it out. Also be sure to check out our EIC’s Letter from the Editor which contains her list of all of her favorites from 2022; check that out here.


Read on and tell us what you think/loved in 2022!




Amanda Meth- Contributing Writer

Billy Faith- Contributing Writer


Brianna DiGioia- Contributing Photographer


Chantal- Contributing Writer


Edwina Hay- Contributing Photographer

Jenifun- Webmaster


Kate Bell- Contributing Writer 


Kevin McGann- Contributing Photographer


Nick AD- Contributing Writer 


Mike Borchardt- Contributing Writer 



Ray Rusinak- Contributing Photographer




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