Video Premiere- Desert Sharks “Siren Song”

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Features

Desert Sharks with A Very Special Episode (photo by Jeanette D. Moses)


Desert Sharks, Brooklyn’s favorite gloomy grunge punks released a stellar EP last year, The Tower, and ahead of an impending tour to SXSW are releasing a split DS+ AVSE with fellow grungey BK band, A Very Special Episode. Having already released a video for the first single, “Deeper,” today they release a video for the companion track, “Siren Song,” and FTA is pleased to give you the exclusive first look!


The track finds the band in some of their darkest waters yet, leaning in to a slower, gloomgaze sound reminiscent of titans of that genre like Hum or Cloakroom, easily standing shoulder to shoulder with them. The guitars circle around and envelop the listener in a thick wall of sound while vocalist Stephanie Gunther hauntingly declares I want to drown under the waves of your gaze.” 


The companion video was directed by Brendan McKnight and offers a chilly glimpse into the forbidding world of “Siren Song,” a place you might not make it back from if you aren’t careful. Watch the video in full below.




DS+ AVSE releases in full on 3/8 via Substitute Scene Records. The bands will play a release show together the same night at Main Drag.


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