Premiere- Sunfruits “Believe It All” track/video

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Features

Sunfruits (photo by Kalindy Williams)


Following up their rocking single “Made To Love,” Australian band Sunfruits are back with a brand new single, “Believe It All,” and Full Time Aesthetic has your exclusive first listen. Building on their psych-pop garage sound, “Believe It All” finds the Melbourne group in 60’s tinged Beach Boys territory, and they do justice to the sound. It’s a bright track for these strange warm days we still have in November up in the Northern hemisphere (remember, it’s spring down under!) and one that fans of The Flaming Lips, King Gizzard, or the revivalist stylings of 90’s Elephant Six releases are likely to enjoy. 


For “Believe It All,” drummer Gene Argiro swapped his place behind the kit with usual lead vocalist/guitarist Winter McQuinn. Argiro also produced the track, which was engineered by Theo Carbo and mastered by John Lee at Phaedra Studios. It’s Argiro’s first time being featured as lead singer, and his voice is perfect for the song, especially paired up with the layered choruses featuring bassist Elena Jones, rhythm guitarist Evie Vlah, and keyboard player Imogen Cygler. All those multi-tracked voices build to a suitably anthemic chorus. According to Argiro, the song is about “finding your inner child and rising above self doubt.” The music suits these themes, with a sunny, optimistic feel. The drums are laid back, and the bassline is super groovy and definitely a highlight for me. Everything is rounded out by some nice fuzzy guitars and glittery synth.


Sunfruits portrait

Sunfruits (photo by Kalindy Williams)


“Believe It All” is accompanied by a new video as well. Rather than starring the band outright, the video follows Australian artist Our Carlson as he hands out fliers and psyches himself up for a show, confronting his doubts and eventually rocking out with Sunfruits as his backing band. The members pull double duty by also acting as the audience. Argiro notes that Carson’s character is “a burnt out ‘Rockstar’ who is trying to relive his glory days by performing his new single… he teaches these young musicians how to be a rockstar just like he was when he was young.” The video features a joyous ending and will put a smile on your face. They also get some more mileage out of the vintage red Ford Mustang that previously appeared in the video for “Made To Love” (cue me pausing repeatedly to determine the year—what can I say, I’m a car guy. I’m pretty sure it’s a ’66.)



So far, Sunfruits have only released some singles, remixes, and one EP, 2020’s Certified Organic. This latest single will have listeners clamoring for a full length record. In the meantime, you can find all their music on Bandcamp, and watch the videos on their YouTube channel.


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