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Hi! Hello! Here we are with some bite sized goodies and a taste of a some new things that we dug that came out in the last week(ish), quick fire responses to some great new music we think you should check out. This week Chantal, Kate and Mike weighed in on some killer songs— give ’em a listen!


And though we can’t possibly cover all the music that is released each week (we wish!), we do get to as many songs as we can. As always, if you’re in a band or from a label, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know about you! If we dig ya, you’ll get a nod in the column. Read on to find out what we dug the last week or so and check back every Friday for more:


Beauty PillFugue State Companion. The fastest way to snare me with a song is some good old fashioned Empire Strikes Back references, you can sign me right up for that! And when it comes packaged with the distinct DC post hardcore sound of a band like Beauty Pill, even better. This song is part of Blue Period which is a compilation album that will feature  recordings from 2003-2005 including The Unsustainable Lifestyle LP and You Are Right To Be Afraid EP along with previously unreleased demo track and outtakes, “Fugue State Companion” being one of them. The deluxe album is releases on 1/2/23 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. and will mark the first time the songs are available on vinyl. Pre-orders for the double LP are up now. [KH]


Bartees StrangeWretched (keiyaA remix). The Chicago native, keiyaA, delivers a fresh take on Bartees Stranges’ hit “Wretched” from this year’s Farm to Table. Driven in part by a new glitchy backbeat and electric pianos, the critically acclaimed artist restructures the arrangement infusing the modern jazz and R&B styles in which she flourishes. The soulful reimagined vocal interplay is a true highlight that really pushes the track into new territory for both artists. [MB]


DizzyBarking Dog. The follow up to their 2021 EP, Separate Places, the Canadian alt pop band is back with a beautiful new offering, an emotional exploration of past pain that the band says is “mostly about how we’re all just products of our youth, doomed in various ways none of us asked for.” The emotions of the song hit hard and are perfectly emphasized by the fuzzed out guitars and sweeping choruses/backing vocals. [KH]


FixturesJimmy Needs the Money. The first single off an upcoming LP (due 2023) is a laid back alternative rock song that builds on the choruses and includes a loping melodic guitar solo that I wanted to whistle along to (if I could actually whistle). The accompanying video uses public domain footage to make a visual collage that includes, among other things, vintage subway scenes. [CW]


Gina Birch feat. Thurston MooreWish I Was You. Gina Birch wears many hats—filmmaker, painter, former member of The Raincoats—and her newest single is proof she’s still got it (if you ever dared question that). This fun, punchy track features Thurston Moore on “thrash chords and noise action” (in his words) and deals with the age-old desire to be “cool” and acceptance of one’s self: “so many brilliant people I wished I could be / time has carried me forward, now I’m happy with me” with a triumphant conclusion: “I used to wish I was you and now you wish you were me.” Birch’s solo album I Play My Bass Loud will be out next February on Third Man Records. [CW]


Hekla Ghost. This song was actually released in August, as part of their more space junk EP, but the Brooklyn based punk and rollers have just released a fun new video to go with the song. Soaked with 60s garage vibes, this is a fun romp of a song, with the accompanying video seeing the band hamming it up on the picturesque banks of the Newtown Creek aka the site of one of the largest oil spills in North American history (true story). You know, perfectly New York! [KH]


King Like MomTantrum. An epic 6 minute fit of guitars, soaring vocals and a flurry of drums, “Tantrum,” is quite the breakout debut for the Staten Island quartet. Half the band consists of the former rhythm section of Pussywolf (RIP), twins Alex and Amanda Gonzalez, who really bring the bass end hammer due in part to literal lifetime of knowing how to play off one another. Julia Simoniello and Rose Couchon round out the group, trading loud/quiet duties on guitar and vocals that somehow manage to toggle between Deftones and The Cranberries in ways I couldn’t have previously imagined. [MB]


Madi Diaz, S.G. Goodman, Joy Oladokun Be Careful (Patty Griffin cover). This song is a cover of the 2002 song by Patty Griffen which is a lovely acoustic contemplation. For this version, released this week just ahead of the Midterm elections, it doesn’t stray far from the musical roots of the original but Diaz adds a powerful new verse to bring the song into a more contemporary place: For all the parents who are losing sleep // For all the babies that will come to be // For all the reasons that are ours to know // It’s my choice and I am not alone // For every man who’s standing next to me // and queer and trans and non-binary // For everybody with their own body // I will meet you all out on the streets // So be careful how you bend me // Be careful where you send me // Careful how you end me // Be careful with me.” 


Proceeds from downloads of the single go to benefit  Abortion Within Reach, who aims to “make abortion accessible, compassionate and affirming for all identities, and safe for everyone who needs it, free of politically motivated barriers and without cost as a barrier to care. [KH]


Manchester OrchestraNo Rule. Is there any song this band does that isn’t gorgeous and makes me feel every last feel there is to feel? I’d say the answer is no and “No Rule” is yet another resplendent offering that came is a stand alone single that came out of the sessions for The Million Masks of God with the band saying “We are very proud to release our new song ‘No Rule’ into the world. Written and worked on during the Million Masks sessions, this brave soul took a little longer to cook than the rest. We hope you enjoy. All Love. M.O.” It serves as a lovely footnote to the album and showcases everything there is to love about this group. [KH]


Narrow Head– Moments of Clarity. Narrow Head have really locked into the post-grunge sound, with driving guitars piled over propulsive drums. The video for “Moments of Clarity,” the title track off their just announced third LP (2/10/23 Run For Cover), plays with throwback DIY aesthetics as well, as singer Jacob Duarte is pursued by a woman who might be a memory (or a ghost?) while he drives to a pet store and a mall. The band will be on tour next February to promote the album, and as FTA experienced, they put on a heck of a show. Check out our article here. [CW]


Panic ShackIt’s Good to be back (Metronomy cover). The more I hear from this Cardiff based band, the more I’m in love (check out my thoughts on their most recent single “Meal Deal”). While I’m waiting for their debut full length, I’ll take whatever I can get and this delightful collab/cover with the electronic group, Metronomy, takes the song from its electro pop roots to the snarky punk place they so cooly inhabit.


The song is part of the deluxe edition of Metronomy’s album, Small World, which will feature reworks and remixes of songs from the album from a host of different collaborators. In the way only a punk band can, they’ve “remixed” it by actually doing a full on cover and their own arrangement of it, replacing the bouncy and airy electronics for riffs galore, a hyper driving rhythm section and shouty gang vocals. In other words, made a ripper of it and I absolutely love it. [KH]


PileLoops. Brand new music from the long running band, it’s a dark and driving tune that frontman Rick Maguire says is “about the confusion I’ve experienced in the place where those two roads meet, and reflecting on whether what I’m creating is for personal growth or for personal gain has ended up leading to more questions than answers.” The tension is palpable in the track but leaves one feeling hopeful. This is the lead single from their just announced 8th album All Fiction which is due out 2/17/23 via Exploding In Sound. Check out our recent coverage of their show at Market Hotel. [KH]


She’s In PartiesCherish.  I was in a short-lived Bauhaus cover band with the same name but I’m glad to change it if we ever revive, because She’s In Parties are absolutely lovely. “Cherish” is a super-solid dreampop track, with layered vocals and echoing guitars floating over an upbeat rhythm section. Their discography so far includes only a few singles, but we’ll be looking forward to more music from this UK band. [CW]


SunfruitsBelieve It All. The latest from the Melbourne, Aus based group which we premiered earlier this week. Check out more on this catchy new jam here. [CW]

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