Snoopy and the Who?!- Self Titled

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Reviews

Snoopy and The Who?! Self Titled


The latest self-titled release from the Brooklyn band is chock full of grindy-windy guitar licks, soaring party choruses and rock n’roll screams. At its core it’s a solid mid-tempo attack with a Tom Petty groove. 


Opening track “Shadow and Shade” quickly drives and sets the pace from jump. But it’s in the slower jams like “Heave Ho” and “My Regeneration” where you catch hints of later-day Buckcherry, Stone Temple Pilots, and Louis XIV. Just a touch of hard rock guitar sleaze and scratchy glam howl to double down the anthemic hooks that sound like they belong on the big stage and out on the road with bands like Chicago’s North by North.


Snoopy and The Who?! is available now via Bandcamp and all major streamers.




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