sock jock- anothernovember

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Reviews

sock jock anothernovember


As a musician, subtlety is not one of my strong-suits. But for Taylor Marie, aka sock jock, there’s power in the quiet places. anothernovember is a one-woman EP (Totally Real Records) that “tells the story of sock jock’s love and loss in the last year,”  and commands delicacy in its construction; its heart-strings are fully dipped into the vast chasm of emotion. Aptly titled, this record is your morning coffee on a cold November. 


Occasionally almost Jenny Lewis in feel, tracks like “haunting” and “saint” transport me back to many bundled up lonely walks along the frozen edges of Lake Michigan during my youth in Chicago, to the point where I can almost see my breath between my tears. And in the places where it nudges intensity a bit on “sober” (and my favorite) “rejectmebaby,” there’s something about how the vocal melody lays into the guitar lines that make me feel like I’m standing in the back of The Fireside Bowl in 1997 dreaming of The Lonesome Crowded West.


anothernovember is out now via Totally Real Records and available on all major streaming platforms.




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