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by | Jan 18, 2023 | Features

boygenius (photo by Harrison Whitford)


The holy trinity of indie rock, boygenius, aka the super group of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, have  just announced their official return and are set to release their debut full length, the record, on 3/31 via Interscope. It’s been a long time coming, arriving over four years after their lauded and much loved first self titled EP was released at the end of 2018. In that time, busy individual careers and acclaimed albums by each of the three followed and there was that whole pandemic thing to navigate too, so the wait is understandable.


The announcement was understated, with each band member’s individual account and the band’s main account simply stating “‘the record’ is out march 31st and three songs are out now.” It comes amid much speculation and online talk that more was coming from the group after they were mentioned on several “anticipated albums of 2023 lists” and which only intensified when their name appeared on the recently announced Coachella lineup. And while no other live dates have been announced at this moment, it seems very likely a full tour will be in the cards for 2023. If the very active comment sections on social media and scores of articles already out are any indication, people are more than excited about all of this, the album in particular, with Rolling Stone declaring “Boygenius Are Back in Town to Save 2023” (I see what you did there. I love what you did there.)


boygenius the record

the record artwork


In fitting fashion, the album announcement comes with the release of not one, but three songs, one by each member of the trio taking songwriting/lead vocal duty. Each song bears the distinct hallmarks of the individual woman behind it, but allows the space for her band mates to have strong supporting roles, holding her up in the spotlight before their chance to shuffle the chairs and take the lead. The album will contain 12 songs in all (see below for tracklist) so it’s safe to assume we will get four songs from each creative force for an intriguing blend of their styles much like the EP was in 2018.


The harder edged “$20” of course comes courtesy of Baker, the more delicate “Emily I’m Sorry” was penned by Bridgers and “True Blue” is very much a true blue Dacus song. While there is sure to be much debate among fans online which is “best” (and likely what to expect/who wrote each of the as-of-yet-unreleased remaining tracks) that hardly seems the point. Each song absolutely is distinctly that of its main songwriter and could have appeared on one of their solo records, but were saved for this purpose because there is no room for ego in a project like this (something the band spoke about in past interviews after their 2018 debut EP). It is frankly refreshing to see in the world of today with so much noise and competition for “likes” and “streams” and “whatever” permeating our daily lives. boygenius may just indeed be back in town to save 2023.


Listen to the new songs below.



boygenius the record


  1. Without You Without Them
  2. $20
  3. Emily I’m Sorry
  4. True Blue
  5. Cool About It
  6. Not Strong Enough
  7. Revolution O
  8. Leonard Cohen
  9. Satanist
  10. We’re In Love
  11. Anti-Curse
  12. Letter To An Old Poet


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