Live Survives- A Group Photography Show

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Features

Live Survives (flyer art by sodanugs)


Music photography is many things—a window into the dark and subterranean world of live music and the various scenes that surround it, an obsession for those partake in it, and even more than that, it was a living archive and a lifeline when we were all sidelined during the early days of the pandemic and all shows were shut down.


FTA is proud to be sponsoring a group photography show, Live Survives, curated by Jeff Schaer-Moses, that celebrates all of these things and more. The show will take place on Wednesday 1/18 at Ridgewood dive spot, Bar Freda, home to many local bands who share their music, love and talents with the NYC music community. The show will feature work from FTA’s editor-in-chief, Kate Hoos, as well as FTA contributing photographer, Jeanette D. Moses, along with a myriad of other photographers and visual artists from the NYC area and beyond who will be sharing their unique visions of what live music is to them. These artists include Pete Perry (aka Papa Ukraine), Doug Glass, Aleksei Postnikov, Cirsty Burton, Jeff Schaer-Moses and many more.


On why he wanted to put this event together, Schaer-Moses shares:


“Sometimes I feel like photography doesn’t mean anything and I’m just some fan with a camera. But then I see some of the photos and videos I took of the house shows and dirt lot parties we threw back in Phoenix and I realize an entire culture would have been lost to the Arizona dust if I wasn’t on the scene shooting. This DIY culture exists and we are a part of it, and the only way it will survive is if we keep documenting it and carrying on the tradition. ‘Live Survives’ is a reminder to everyone who was scared in 2020 that we may never get live music back that nothing can stop this train. People will gather, people will play music, and people will as my OG Big Homie Eugene Hutz says “dance around the fire.” Live Survives is dedicated to the memories of Andy Warpigs, Jack Terricloth, Rick Hill, Eddie Detroit, Jordan Groggs, Joe Sawinski and every other musician, road manager, venue staffer, videographer, and photographer who didn’t get to see one more show.”



The evening will feature live music from Red Tank! and Soria, $10 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.




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