Low Presh- LP III

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Reviews

Low Presh LP III


For those who’ve been following along with the rest of us, the Brooklyn quartet and champions of DIY sounds Low Presh have been dropping rockin’ low-fi singles leading up to the release of their third record and its been worth the wait.


Clean-ish guitars cranked to the point of signal overload, the songs feel sharp and heavy, due in part to underlying layers of bass and fuzz to fill the cracks. Following the release of inky and slithering “Dark Eyes” and big guitar banger “Blade Runner” (read our thoughts here), the rest of the record has now officially dropped into our laps and knocked the wind right out of us.



Low Presh—Nick (they/them), Mel (she/her), Nicole (she/her), and Pat (he/him)—are a Brooklyn four-piece that self describes their sound as “floating in a stew of rock/punk sounds ranging from Tropical Fuck Storm to Hop Along.” A lot of the record employs consistently overarching garagey/Hives-esque onslaught, blitzing front and center on tracks like “Seeming the Same.” Still they make make room to zig to the ominously slow bluesy leads offset by frantic guitar noise on “Twangy” and then zag toward something close to discobeat meets 80s retro funk on “Knight of Wands.”


The highlight of LP III for me, however, culminates wonderfully in the record’s final track, “99 Cents” which is full of the delightful quirk of the early aughts anti-folk, cut with a dash of 90s angst. It’s the smile and tension and brood and blow of The Moldy Peaches crossed with Toadies and is an extremely satisfying way to end the record. LP III gives the band the proper room they need to flex the spectrum of their musicality while reinforcing their current strengths and still flashing the guide-lights of what they are capable of doing next. It’s a really strong release from a band who knows what they want to make and how they want to get there.


LP III is out now and available on Bandcamp and all major streamers.


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