The Grasping Straws- Patterns

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Reviews

The Grasping Straws– Patterns


“Keep your arms and legs inside the spaceship. Try to keep your head straight. Enjoy the trip.”  Inspired by anti-folk and the energy of NYC basements, and filtered through the imagination of Mallory Feuer, the psych art rock band of abstract collaborators are back with new record Patterns and as the kids say these days, it fucks.


From the  jump, “Help” rolls right into a fast-paced thick bass chugger. My personal favorite, it’s a controlled onslaught drum attack punctuating urgency and driving a palpable and desperate vocal hunger. Alternatively, “Poetry,” has a fuzzy super feel-good chorus, and is teeming with pop-sensible hooks that will snag the corners of your mouth leaving you smiling ear to ear. While moreover there’s still that signature angsty jazzy quality I’ve come to expect from The Grasping  Straws. And you really hear the band shining in their truest element on tracks like “Enjoy the Trip” and “Home.”


The Grasping Straws performing

The Grasping Straws (photo by Kevin McGann)


The Grasping Straws always has been quite adept at remaining authentic to their roots yet at the same time evolving their nuanced sound to remain fresh. I’m a really big fan of some of these heavier grungier tunes, but at the same time, no one can make you cry with nothing more than a heartbreaking whisper quite like Mallory Feuer.


Patterns was self released and is available via Bandcamp and all major streamers. The band will embark on a tour to support the album, check Instagram for all dates.





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