Video Premiere- Crazy & the Brains “Open Eyes”

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Features

Crazy & the Brains “Open Eyes”


Raucous Bayonne NJ based indie-punks Crazy & the Brains made a name for themselves with their energetic live shows and a catchy sound that was built around the inclusion of xylophone. This was a major focus for them and gave them a sound unlike any other band I can think of. But now the band is entering into a new phase and will be retiring the xylophone as well as singer Christoph Jesus’ captain’s hat in triumphant fashion with the release of the brand new video for “Open Eyes.”


“Open Eyes” was released last fall and was produced by Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls) at his Little Eden recording studio in Asbury Park, NJ. Today the circle is complete with the brand new video, shot by Jak Kerley at Shibby Pictures, and the band calls is “the last piece of business [they] will ever release featuring the instrument that was once the centerpiece of the entire band.”


Crazy & The Brains performing

Crazy & the Brains in 2021 (photo by Ray Rusinak)


They also share that the “shift away from the once-signature pieces of iconography is to show the band’s commitment to an ever-changing style that can’t be defined by any accessory or instrument. The band, which is often noted for their zany antics and frontman Christoph Jesus’s irreverent personality, is looking to veer off into a more serious style” and have plans for an upcoming as-of-yet untitled full length due out later this year.


The video stars Jesus and features a co-starring role from Ratas En Zelo vocalist, Yadee (Jesus also recently co-starred in a Ratas video to keep the punk love going strong), and you’ll just have to watch for all the action and the shocking conclusion!


Watch the video below:





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