Jelly Kelly- Warm Water

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Reviews

Jelly Kelly Warm Water


Rarely do a band name and record title both land so on point. But just in time for the hot New York City summer, the sun soaked beachy vibes of Brooklyn jangly surf rock quartet, Jelly Kelly are fully dialed in on their latest release. Led by Keith Kelly (guitar, vocals), the group is fleshed out by Dom Bodo (bass), Jared Apuzzo (drums) and Nicolas Dube (guitar), and together provide a warm fuzzy bedrock for cool crisp melodies to coast their way across the tracks. Bodo and Apuzzo are in perfect rhythmic lockstep on tracks like “Love Language” and “Warm Water” carving space for the guitars to slide in and out and the vocals to breathe and soar across the gaps. 



This EP is much more than a surfy groove crossed with killer throwback 80s pop sense, and retro tones though it is also that. Coupled with a visually fun and stimulating music video illustrated and animated by Brendan Sullivan, “Vitamin D” juxtaposes concepts of confinement and space, drawing a murky line in the sand between imagination and reality between head boos. Questioning the truths of your existence in relation to that of those around is, however, much more palatable waist deep in the refreshing tide of Rockaway Beach. That is simply the atmosphere in which this newest EP achieves maximum gravitas; waves, shades, a cool drink, and 18 minutes alone with the inside of your head.


Jelly Kelly performing

Jelly Kelly performing

Jelly Kelly (photos by Kate Hoos)


Warm Water is out not on all major streaming platforms. Keep up with the band’s happenings on their Instagram.


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