Premiere: Sean Spada “Set Up to Self-Destruct” video

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Features

Sean Spada “Set Up to Self- Destruct” (art by Tasha Lutek)


FTA is pleased to debut the next installment of the Sean Spada Doppleverse with the release of brand new single “Set Up to Self-Destruct,” which comes complete with a music video to accompany the tongue-in-cheek despairing nature of the track.


Directed by Nikki Belfiglio (of Bodega), the simple imagery of the video effectively captures the mood of one’s fated abject failure but still set on making the most of the hand that you’re dealt. The scene-for-one unfolds as a dapper Spada dons a cardboard party hat dodging darts and large looming green hands between bouts of casual juggling and blowing up balloons all by his lonesome. It’s unclear just how dire the situation may in fact be, but there is a real calming sincerity in the vocal delivery that makes you feel like even though you’re clearly fucked, everything is gonna be ok. Or maybe not, but what else can you do other than keep pushing forward?


The track itself expertly weaves in and out between piano-ballad and pop-rock, knowing just when to tuck in its tail and when to triumph. The struggle to keep pushing forward these days when you’re already stacked to lose is quite relatable, and Spada brings us these short moments of hope and positivity that often gets lost in the impossible situation of existing.

The track is part of Spada’s upcoming album, The Wild Ride, due out 10/7. Spada will play a release show the same day at Piano’s with support from Pete Donnelly Combo and Onesie. Tickets here. Watch the video below:





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