Premiere- Whenwolves Release New Song, Minutes, Announce Debut EP

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Features

Whenwolves (photo by Michael Lefco)


Whenwolves, who self describe as “Brooklyn art rock to be blasted while howling at the moon,” grew out of the isolation and pent up creativity of the early days of the pandemic when Bobby Lewis found his band, Mustardmind, left idling in 2020. What resulted was a new project unencumbered by the expectations of what came before as Lewis explains the onus of “picking up the pieces and starting work on new music fell solely on his shoulders, as there were no other bandmates to develop the songs with at the time.” What resulted was a new angular project that incorporated the familiar electronic elements of his previous project but with a new focus that forged a new direction and in doing so, their debut EP, Recon for the Weirdos, was born. 


Ahead of the record’s 3/3 release date, lead single “The Minutes” is a cool and slightly mathy track with bouncy corners awash in synth and electronic piano to set the dreamy mood as it plays off the underlying bass groove. It’s as much God Lives Underwater as it is Church Crush, but at the same time it feels like a trolley ride through the Land of Make-Believe. Eric Slick (of Dr. Dog) was scooped up to play drums, Kristin Slipp (of mmeadows and Dirty Projectors) contributed backing vocals, and the 2022 live lineup became complete as Kelsey Rodriguez and Bobby’s brother, Billy Lewis, joined the group to play bass.


We here at Full Time Aesthetic are super happy to be premiering the track “Minutes” ahead of its official release and will be keeping close tabs on the band’s give song EP as we approach the 3/3 drop date. The band will play a release show to celebrate on 3/1 at The Broadway. Take a listen to the brand new track below and check out the art for the EP.



Recon For The Weirdos album art





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