Video Premiere- Pink Mexico “Dungeonhead”

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Features

Pink Mexico (photo by Arvelisse Ruby Bonilla Ramos)


“Dungeonhead,” is the lead single off the upcoming record, Mirrorhead by Pink Mexico. The band has just released a video for the song and we here at Full Time Aesthetic are thrilled to premiere it today!


The video was shot by Steven Ungureanu, who also shot “Dirty & Stupid” from the 2019 album, Dump, and directed by frontman Robert Preston Collum. It opens on an overcast Rockaways morning with bassist Grady Walker sitting on the beach popping a beer and popping a “Dungeonhead” diy cassette into a Panasonic portable tape player. The ensuing four minutes and change follow Collum as he traverses his day, walking unnoticed through the crowded streets of Bushwick/Ridgewood, surrounded by the busy hustle and bustle of the city. The urban landscape is occasionally peppered and punctuated with singular lines from the song’s lyrics as Collum makes his way through the lonely noise further and further out past the concrete grids. He ultimately meets up beside bandmate Walker to sit and share a beer as they look out into the expanse of the ocean’s edge.



When discussing “Dungeonhead,” Collum calls it “a track about never feeling comfortable in one’s own skin while reflecting on the obscurities of life during a time when the regular version of confusing and fucked up is even more fucked up and confusing.” And it feels like a slightly new direction for the band. There’s a sleepy element here that works wonderfully with their heavy components that are still present, but buried just below the surface. It’s almost Dandy Warhols in nature, which is a really cool turn for Pink Mexico and we are really curious to hear how the rest of the new record unfolds.


Pink Mexico Mirrored


Mirrorhead is out May 19 via Quiet Panic Records and is available for pre-order now. The band will play an album release show on 6/11 at TV Eye with TVOD, Substitute and a TBA special guest. Get tickets here.


Check out the track list below:

  1. Hot Air
  2. Junkie Smile
  3. Shame
  4. Fuck it I Quit
  5. Delete
  6. ….
  7. Muring Calm
  8. Dungeonhead
  9. Stitched & Vicodin
  10. Victimhead
  11. Feeling Normal



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